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Cochem, Germany

Cochem is an historic and very photogenic German town with a fairy tale castle atop the hill.

In my travels across Germany, few river cities within the country can match the charms of Cochem. Positioned on the left bank of the Moselle River, the town has natural beauty in all directions.

The Moselle is a river flowing through France, Luxembourg, and Germany, and Cochem is the center of the regional Mosel wine trade, wines made mostly from the Riesling grape.

Cochem has photo opportunities at every turn, including many stylish buildings, cottages, black & tan guild houses and narrow winding streets. The charming town square, ringed by half-timbered houses, is particularly stunning.

moselle river cochem

A Moselle River view from Cochem, Germany,

cochem germany

A tower atop a half-timbered building in Cochem.

mailbox in cochem

Colorful mailboxes are common in Cochem.

menu cochem germany
Eating bratwurst in Germany is a tasty experience, and when accompanied by a stein of local brew, well, it's even better.
corner cafe cochem germany
This restaurant occupies a rather typical building in Cochem, Germany. Note how neat the building is and how clean the street is. That's called "pride of place" and German's are very proud of their country.
cochem germany
A quiet, narrow street in Cochem, one only used by residents, scooters and tourists.
cochem germany
This type of corner cafe is found across many parts of Europe, and Cochem was no exception.
timbered houses cochem germany
Cochem, like many German cities, has many stylish half-timbered buildings with exposed wood framing. In warmer climates the spaces between the wooden timbers are filled with brick, plaster or stone, but in colder climates the timbers could not keep out cold drafts, so exterior walls were then covered with wood or masonry like these. Note the bells atop the center building, and yes, they all ring on the hour.
cochem germany
A wonderful flower wagon on the grounds of Reichsburg Castle in Cochem.
cochem germany

Walking down from the castle I came across this giant maple leaf, and it just begged to be photographed.

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