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Bamberg, Germany
Bamberg is a city in Bavaria, Germany, located in Upper Franconia on the river Regnitz very close to its confluence with the river Main. Its historic city center is a listed UNESCO world heritage site.

During its period of greatest prosperity, from the 12th century onwards, the architecture of Bamberg strongly influenced northern Germany and Hungary. In the late 18th century it was the center of the Enlightenment in southern Germany, with eminent philosophers and writers such as Hegel and Hoffmann living here

Bamberg extends over seven hills, each crowned by a beautiful church. This has led to Bamberg being called the "Franconian Rome," although a running joke among Bamberg's tour guides is to refer to Rome instead as the "Italian Bamberg"

Bamberg is home to eight breweries, Brauerei Fassla, Brauerei Greifenklau, Brauerei Heller-Trum (Schlenkerla), Brauerei Kaiserdom, Keesmann Brau, Klosterbrau, Mahrs Brau and Brauerei Spezial - an unusually high number for a city of just over 70,000.

bamberg germany
door knoicker bamberg germany

A very large door knocker in Bamberg.

castle wall

A door and wall in the Bamberg Cathedral complex.

statue bamberg germany

This is one of eight translucient statues placed about the city of Bamberg, and according to our guide they pay tribute to poets; which ones I have no idea,

bamberg germany church

This is Michelsberg (St. Michaels) an ancient Benedictine church that sits atop one of Bamberg's many hills. It was built in 1015, then all but destroyed by an earthquake in 1117. In 1610 the rebuilt church was badly damaged by a fire. It was given a thorough Baroque facelift in the early 1700s, and today this stunning building can be seen from most par

bamberg river view

Frequently called the "Little Venice Area" of Bamberg, fishermen's houses and small boats line the Werkkanal.

bamberg rooftops

From atop a hill adjacent to the Bishop's place, this is a view of the rooftops of Bamberg; a bit like Prague if you ask me.

bamberg old town hall

Bamberg's Old City Hall is covered with colorful frescoes; since 1995 it has housed a large collection of porcelain and faience.

bamberg old town hall

Protruding from the wall of Bamberg's Old City Hall (mentioned above), this foot extends from a frescoe, seemingly in an effort to bring the wall of frescoes to life

bamberg germany

Early on a Sunday morning I walked through Bamberg's Old Town area, and this street, deserted on a Sunday morning, was typical. Note the cobblestone streets.

perfect rose bamberg

The Bishop of Bamberg once lived within what was called the Bishop's Palace, to the immediate north of the cathedral, but he moved across the road to his new home (Neue Residenz), and there he had a delightful rose gardent installed. I walked through the modern collection of roses and this is but one; beautiful.

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