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Germany – Public Holidays

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German holidays

Except for (Unity Day on October 6), all public holidays in Germany are determined (celebrated) at the discretion of the individual federal states. Some holidays celebrated in but a few of those states are not shown below.

  • January 1 New Year's Day
  • January 6 Epiphany
  • varies - Good Friday (Easter Sunday - 2 days)
  • varies - Easter (usually in April)
  • varies - Easter Monday (Easter Sunday + 1 day)
  • May 1 Labor Day
  • varies - Ascension Day (usually in May)
  • varies - Whitmonday (usually mid-May)
  • October 3 Unity Day
  • December 25 Christmas Day
  • December 26 St. Stephan's Day

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german christmas

Christmas decorations at a Hannover mallCorradox at en.wikipedia

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