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Georgia History Timeline

2000s continued
  • (2006) Explosions on Russian side of border damaged gas pipeline, blast disrupted electric supplies during freezing weather; President Saakashvili accused Moscow of sabotage; Georgia received gas from Iran; Russia suspended imports of Georgian wine on health grounds, Tbilisi stated the action politically motivated; Russia banned imports on Georgian mineral water again on health grounds; Georgia demanded that Russian peacekeepers who arrived for rotation in South Ossetia have visas; parliament demanded withdrawal of Russian peacekeepers from South Ossetia and Abkhazia; Russian relations deteriorated when a Georgian military helicopter was fired upon over South Ossetia, Defense Minister Okruashvili was onboard; agreement reached on holding talks with NATO for closer relations; South Ossetians held referendum to reaffirm independence from Georgia
  • (2007) Irakli Okruashvili, former defense minister, accused Saakashvili of corruption and plotting a murder; allegations triggered protests; state of emergency declared; riot police clashed with protestors, demanded president's resignation; Russia stated it had withdrawn last troops based in Georgia, still occupied the breakaway provinces; Human Rights Watch disapproved of the government's excessive force against protestors in November
  • (2008) Mikheil Saakashvili re-elected; separatist government in Abkhazia asked United Nations to recognize independence; NATO summit Buchareat deferred decision on Georgia's application to join the membership program; ruling party won landslide victory in parliamentary election, opposition stated election rigged, threatened to boycott new parliament; several explosions in Abkhazia intensified tensions between Georgia and Russia; Georgia tried to take back South Ossetia by force, tensions between Georgia and Russia escalated into full blown military conflict; Russian forces took control of Tskhinvali, Georgia ordered troops in South Ossetia to cease fire, the two sides finally signed a peace agreement negotiated by France; Dmitry Medvedev, Russian president, signed treaties with South Ossetia and Abkhazia, entrusted Moscow to defend Georgian breakaway region from outside attack; European Union observers started patrols in Georgia to witness ceasefire between Georgian and Russian forces; Russian troops completed a withdraw from safeguard zones next to Georgia regions; Saakashvili named Grigol Mgaloblishvili prime minister
  • (2009) Mgaloblishvili resigned on health grounds; Nika Gilauri became prime minister; opposition supporters launched protests in an effort to persuade President Saakashvili to resign; Saakashvili accused Russia of financing the protests calling for his resignation
  • (2009) Russia demanded NATO call off military exercises to be held in Georgia; Georgian authorities squelched a mutiny by a tank battalion at the Mukhrovani army base; NATO military exercises began in Georgia amid condemnation from Russia; more than 50,000 opposition supporters gathered at Tbilisi stadium, demanded President Saakashvili's resignation; UN observers left Georgia after 16 years of monitoring the Abkhazia cease-fire line; U.S. Vice President Biden visited Georgia, told Georgian parliament that the US fully supported their hopes of joining NATO; EU reported on 2008 conflict with Russia - put most of blame on Georgia
  • (2010) Russia and Georgia reopened air traffic with the first direct passenger flight between the two countries since the war in 2008; Russia and Georgia reopened a border crossing closed since July 2006; Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State, visited Georgia, assured US support for its territorial integrity, called upon Russia to withdraw forces from South Ossatia; Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said Georgia and South Ossetia should sort out their problems without appealing to third parties
  • (2011) South Ossetia reported registering 14 drones from Georgia in its airspace, Georgia denied the claims
  • (2011) Georgian Airways plane crashed at airport in Democratic Republic of Congo, 32 killed, one survivor

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