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France Weather

France's Information

Flag of France
Land Area 640,427 km2
Water Area 3,374 km2
Total Area 643,801km2 (#42)
Population 66,836,154 (#21)
Population Density 104.36/km2
Government Type Semi-presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $2,700.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $42,400
Currency Euro (EUR)
More Information France
Largest Cities

Across France, from April - August, weather conditions are generally warm and pleasant with moderate rainfall; fall temperatures are a bit lower and the winter months (though colder) remain mild.

The primary exceptions to that status quo are the mountainous areas, as morning and evening temperatures are considerably cooler in summer and become much colder in winter with heavy snowfall, especially in the Alps, Juros and Pyrenees.

In addition, along much of the English Channel and inland for about 50 km, and also across the Brittany Peninsula in the far northwest, frequent rains and strong winds are normal occurrences November - April.

In north-central France, from Paris south through the Loire River Valley, and then on to Bordeaux and the Bay of Biscay, precipitation amounts are light and the summer temperatures average in the high 70's.

Along the southern Mediterranean coastline the spring months are mild and windy, and summers are notoriously comfortable (some say perfect) with high temps in the low 80's and little rainfall. Rains return in the fall and winter months, but freezing conditions are almost unheard of.

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HIGH TEMPERATURES ( Fahrenheit/Celsius )

(Jan) 48/8 (Feb) 50/9 (Mar) 55/13 (Apr) 56/13

(May) 62/16 (Jun) 67/19 (Jul) 70/21 (Aug) 69/20

(Sep) 66/18 (Oct) 59/15 (Nov) 52/11 (Dec) 50/9

LOW TEMPERATURES ( Fahrenheit/Celsius )

(Jan) 39/3 (Feb) 40/4 (Mar) 43/5 (Apr) 44/6

(May) 49/9 (Jun) 53/11 (Jul) 56/13 (Aug) 56/13

(Sep) 52/11 (Oct) 49/9 (Nov) 43/5 (Dec) 41/4


HIGH TEMPERATURES ( Fahrenheit/Celsius )

(Jan) 45/7 (Feb) 41/4 (Mar) 52/11 (Apr) 59/15

(May) 66/18 (Jun) 76/24 (Jul) 76/24 (Aug) 74/23

(Sep) 72/22 (Oct) 67/19 (Nov) 48/8 (Dec) 43/5

LOW TEMPERATURES ( Fahrenheit/Celsius )

(Jan) 37/2 (Feb) 32/0 (Mar) 39/3 (Apr) 45/7

(May) 50/9 (Jun) 56/13 (Jul) 60/15 (Aug) 55/13

(Sep) 56/13 (Oct) 54/11 (Nov) 38/3 (Dec) 34/1


HIGH TEMPERATURES ( Fahrenheit/Celsius )

(Jan) 56/13 (Feb) 53/11 (Mar) 57/13 (Apr) 61/16

(May) 71/21 (Jun) 78/25 (Jul) 81/26 (Aug) 80/26

(Sep) 76/24 (Oct) 69/20 (Nov) 63/17 (Dec) 56/13

LOW TEMPERATURES ( Fahrenheit/Celsius )

(Jan) 39/3 (Feb) 38/2 (Mar) 43/6 (Apr) 49/9

(May) 58/14 (Jun) 66/18 (Jul) 68/20 (Aug) 67/19

(Sep) 63/17 (Oct) 57/13 (Nov) 48/8 (Dec) 40/4

This page was last updated on April 7, 2017.

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