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Trondheim, Norway Photos From the World Atlas Journey Around Ports in Northern Europe

map of Norway
Trondheim is the third largest city in Norway, a university town, and the gateway to the northern reaches of the country.

This colorful city, founded by King Olav in 995AD, is home to one of the most impressive cathedrals on the planet, the Nidaros Cathedral.

The waterfront is lined with old wooden warehouses, colorful buildings that contain offices, and a wide assortment of specialty shops and restaurants.

The city is clean, things work, and it's real easy to walk around and enjoy the Norwegian lifestyle.

Artwork celebrating Norway's King Olav.

The impressive spire of the Nidaros Cathedral.

Attractive street art in Trondheim.

waterfront warehouse trondheim norway

This is a small section of the wooden warehouses that cover both sides of the Nidelva River in Trondheim. These buildings have been the focus of trade for centuries, and on more than one occasion they've been ravaged by fire. Each time restored to their original state, many contain offices while a few house restaurants and shops.

rooftops trondheim norway

Trondheim is a colorful city, and local houses and roof tops add to that attractive mix of hues and shapes.

rooftops trondheim norway

From atop a local hill, one can easily see the colorful symmetry of houses in Trondheim, Norway.

nidaros cathedral tronheim norway

Impressive cathedrals are found across Europe, but the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, Norway is one of the most inspiring. It was built over the grave of Olav Haraldson (St. Olav) the first King of unified Norway.The grounds, complete with hundreds of grave stones, are well manicured and flowers are everywhere. One of its chapels contains the Norwegian crown jewels.

One of the many grave stones within the grounds of the Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim, Norway.

Norwegians love sunflowers and those flowers frequently grace the gardens of their houses.

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