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Bergen, Norway Photos From the World Atlas Journey Around Ports in Northern Europe

map of Norway
Located on the southwestern coast of Norway, Bergen is the second largest city in the country with a 2010 population of nearly 260,000.

Ringed by forested peaks that tower over the town and exceed 2,000 ft, charming and colorful homes hugs the the slopes in all directions.

The harbor area is the town center, and the old waterfront is lined with historic buildings that today contains dozens of specialty shops and a wide assortment of restaurants.

The economy is still based on the sea and Bergen's central fish market is a popular place for locals and visitors alike.

bergen norway
bergen norway
troll bergen norway

A little red house at the end of a narrow street in Bergen.

happy in bergen norway

People that travel to Bergen, Norway often become so happy that they can't resist jumping up and down in puddles.

bergen norway harbor

Of all of the harbors I've seen in my travels, I would say that Bergen's is the most picturesque.

viking statue bergen norway

The Viking heritage is on display everywhere in Bergen, including a number of impressive statues.

bergen norway

In Bergen, it's all but impossible to take a bad picture, especially along the water's edge.

hillside house, bergen norway

This is a very typical site in Bergen, as mostly wooden houses slope down to the harbor's edge. And like San Francisco, or Rio de Janeiro, the city streets are severely sloped and a bit difficult to drive on. What it's like here in the dead of winter I can only imagine.

johanneskirke in bergen norway

The Johanneskirke (church) stand high on a hill to the south of the town center.

bergen norway
norway costume bergen
pretty in pink

Two little girls make a "Pretty in Pink" fashion statement in Bergen, Norway.

church in bergen norway

The very typical style of a Norwegian church in Bergen.

bergen street

This is a typical side street in Bergen. It was early on a Saturday morning so very few people were out and about.

bergen norway doorway

Down a narrow alley in Bergen's old town, this wooden door at the end of the path grabbed my attention.

bergen norway buildings

A few of the colorful building's in Bergen's city center. Note the hillside houses.

row of buildings in bergen norway

A long string of buildings along the harbor in Bergen. These structures (formerly warehouses) are now home to dozens of specialty shops and a wide variety of restaurants.

bergen norway buildings

Part of the interior courtyard architecture of one of the harbor front buildings pictured above.

gazebo in bergen norway

Fronting the Radisson Hotel in the city center, this colorful gazebo surely brighten the day.

shoe memorial bergen norway

According to our local sources, the shoes on display in Festplassen (a public square) represent 100 years of Norwegian efforts to help plant flowers and trees in Africa, by sending countless plants and seeds. Florists and greenhouse owners from around Norway gathered in Bergen for a ceremony honoring that century-long project.

old church door bergen norway

This is the doorway of an 18th century church in Bergen.

gate decoration bergen norway

I saw this gate decoration on a side street in Bergen, Norway, and I had to take the picture.

bregen norway statue

Bergen is a city of classic statues. This is but one. dot

seagull bergen norway

From a lofty perch in Bergen I went eye-to-eye with this seagull as he flew over the harbor.

bergen norway menu

In this part of the world the restaurant menus are a bit different, especially when it comes to meat

bergen norway

While looking for love, there are times when a woman feels rejected and needs to pout. This is one of those times.

pigeons bergen norway

I arrived in Bergen at 8:00AM on a chilly Saturday morning in August. As I walked into town I noticed hundreds of pigeons with their backs to the wind. This one seemed to ask, "Are you looking at me?"

hel fish bergen norway

Bergen's fish market is an interesting place. Fish of all description are for sale including wild salmon, one of Norway's most seductive products. This is a picture of a Hel Fish. It was for sale in the fish market, and it certainly looked to me like it had been to hell and back.

bergen norway

For almost an hour while leaving the port of Bergen, we passed hundreds of rocky islands just like this one.

red house bergen norway

If ever a photo captured the look of Norway, this one of the classic red house and small red shed would be it. If you are planning a trip to Europe in the near or distant future, consider Norway, as you won't be disappointed.

steep steps in bergen

Steep steps to the upper level of a residential area in central Bergen.

purple flower bergen norway

In this country where rain is as common as air, flowers of all description dot the landscape. dot

bergen norway street
Central Bergen is a mix of twisted streets and some of the most interesting buildings in western Europe.
cruise ships in bergen
Bergen is a favorite stop for cruise ships as the city has so much to offer the international passengers. In the summer months 3 to 4 ships in port at the same time is the norm.
bergen fish market
The Bergen Fish and Flower Market is one of the most popular stops for locals and visitor alike as the fresh seafood selections from the North Sea and beyond are second to none.
bergen fish market
The Bergen Fish and Flower Market is one of the most popular stops for locals and visitor alike as the fresh seafood selections from the North Sea and beyond are second to none.
morning light in bergen
On an early morning jaunt into the Bergen harbor area before any of the shops were open, this is a view of one of the small corridors between some of the wooden warehouse buildings.

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