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Famous Estonians

Estonia's Information

Flag of Estonia
Land Area 42,388 km2
Water Area 2,840 km2
Total Area 45,228km2 (#129)
Population 1,258,545 (#157)
Population Density 29.69/km2
Government Type Parliamentary Republic
GDP (PPP) $38.93 Billion
GDP Per Capita $29,500
Currency Euro (EUR)
Largest Cities
People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.


  • Ants Laaneots military commander
  • Mart Laar statesman, historian
  • Johan Laidoner military commander
  • Ants Laikmaa artist
  • Kabi Laretei pianist
  • Kalle Lasn co-founder of Adbusters Media Foundation; film producer
  • Leho Laurine chess player
  • Hans Leesment military major general
  • Lembitu of Lehola tribal elder, military leader
  • Juhan Leinberg founder Maltsvet religious sect
  • Artur Lemba pianist, composer
  • Heinrich Lenz physicist
  • Tanel Leok motocross racer
  • Robert Lepikson businessman, politician
  • Ott Lepland singer
  • Elmar Leppik biologist
  • Siim Liivik hockey player
  • Joel Lindpere footballer
  • Ivo Linna singer
  • Heino Lipp decathlete
  • Elmar Lipping statesman, soldier
  • Endel Lippmaa physicist, politician
  • Juri Lossmann runner, Olympic medallist
  • Arnold Luhaaar weightlifter, Olympic medallist
  • Aadu Luukas entrepreneur
  • Richard Karlovich Maack naturalist, geographer
  • Jaak Mae skier, Olympic medallist
  • Sulev Maeltsemees public administration theorist
  • Tonis Magi singer, composer
  • August Malk author
  • Kadri Malk jewelry designer, artist
  • Linnart Mall orientalist, historian
  • Rein Maran cinematographer, director
  • Heinrich Mark politician, former prime minister
  • Konstantin Marska cinematographer
  • Friedrich Martens diplomat, scholar
  • Markko Martin rally driver
  • Uku Masing philosopher, theologist, folklorist
  • Viktor Masing ecologist, botanist
  • Arnold Matteus architect
  • Alo Mattiisen composer
  • Marko Matvere actor
  • Mikk Mikiver stage director, actor
  • Felix Moor radio journalist, actor
  • Harri Moora archaeologist
  • Alexander Muller poet, musician
  • Mai Murdmaa ballerina, screenwriter
  • Mihkel Mutt author, critic
  • Martin Muursepp basketball player
  • Iivo Nei chess player
  • Naima Neidre graphic artist
  • August Neo wrestler, Olympic medallist
  • Nerva artist
  • Alfred Neuland weightlifter, Olympic medallist
  • Ellen Niit author
  • Erki Nool decathlete, Olympic medallist
  • Julia Nosov economist
  • Elmo Nuganen stage film director, actor
  • Ulo Nugis politician
  • Pent Nurmekund linguist
  • Sandra Nurmsalu singer
  • Agnes Oaks ballerina
  • Birgit Oigemeel singer
  • Tonu Oim chess player
  • Evald Okas artist
  • Tonu Onnepalu (aka Emil Tode) poet, author
  • Andres Oper footballer
  • Ernst Opik astronomer, astrophysicist
  • Julius Oro (aka Julius Oengo) poet
  • Ludvig Oskar artist
  • Rein Otsason economist, banker
  • Ulo Oun sculptor
  • Kuno Pajula archbishop
  • Tonis Palts politician
  • Jaak Panksepp psychologist, neuroscientist
  • Voldemar Panso stage director, actor
  • Valdo Pant radio, television journalist
  • Sir Arvi Parbo business leader
  • Erast Parmasto mycologist, biologist
  • Priit Parn animated filmmaker, graphic artist
  • Georg Friedrich Parrot scientist
  • Arvo Part composer
  • Konstantin Pats journalist, former president
  • Pearu Paulus musician
  • Annely Peebo opera singer
  • Indrek Pertelson judoka, Olympic medallist
  • Kristjan Jaak Peterson poet
  • Johannes Piiper zoologist
  • Paul Pinna actor
  • Andres Poder archbishop
  • Mart Poom footballer
  • Linnar Priimagi art historian, critic, poet
  • Eduard Putsep wrestler, Olympic medallist
  • Ludvig Puusepp medical scientist, neurosurgeon
  • Valdo Randpere musician
  • Gustav Rank author
  • Ilmar Raud chess player

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