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England Famous

People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.

D continued
  • Depeche Mode band
  • Charles Dickens author
  • Bruce Dickinson singer, songwriter
  • Benjamin Disraeli prime minister
  • Robert Donat actor
  • Sarah Douglas actress
  • Margaret Drabble author
  • Sir Francis Drake privateer, navigator
  • Anne-Marie Duff actress
  • George Duffield jockey
  • Duran Duran pop group
  • Adrian Edmondson actor
  • Edward Elgar composer
  • George Eliot author
  • Ebenezer Elliott poet
  • Joe Elliott singer
  • Peter Elliott Olympic medalist
  • Brian Eno musician
  • Rupert Everett actor
  • Craig Fairbrass actor
  • Guy Fawkes heroic military leader
  • Tom Felton actor
  • Ralph Fiennes actor
  • Mike Figgis film director, writer
  • Charles Harding Firth historian
  • Colin Firth actor
  • Peter Firth actor
  • Ian Fleming author
  • Martin Fry singer
  • Stephen Fry author, comedian, filmmaker
  • Thomas Gainsborough artist
  • Lesley Garrett opera singer
  • Elizabeth Gaskill author
  • Steven Gerrard footballer player
  • Ricky Gervais comedy writer
  • John Gielgud actor
  • Lewis Gilbert film director, producer
  • Jane Goodall ethologist, conservationist
  • Ron Goodwin conductor, composer
  • Stewart Granger actor
  • Cary Grant actor
  • Hugh Grant actor
  • Robert Graves poet, author
  • Graham Greene author
  • Rupert Grint actor
  • Alec Guinness actor
  • Edmond Halley discovered halley's comet
  • Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton race car driver
  • Thomas Hardy poet
  • James Hargreaves inventor spinning jenny
  • John Harris, Sr. entrepreneur
  • John Harrison clockmaker, inventor marine chronometer
  • Rex Harrison actor
  • Stephen Hawking theoretical physicist
  • Jack Hawkins actor
  • Nicholas Hawksmoor architect
  • Henry VIII king of england
  • Benny Hill comedian
  • Damon Hill race car driver
  • Graham Hill race car driver
  • Wendy Hiller actress
  • Damien Hirst artist
  • Alfred Hitchcock director, producer
  • David Hockney artist
  • Stanley Holloway actor
  • Rupert Holmes composer
H continued
  • Robin Hood legendary outlaw, folk hero
  • Bob Hope entertainer
  • Nick Hornby author
  • Bob Hoskins actor
  • Sir Godfrey Hounsfield engineer, nobel prize winner
  • Leslie Howard actor
  • Fred Hoyle astronomer, author
  • Henry Hudson explorer
  • Saul "Slash" Hudson musician
  • Emlyn Hughes footballer
  • Ted Hughes poet
  • Engelbert Humperdinck singer (born in india)
  • Elizabeth Hurley actress
  • John Hurt actor
  • Aldous Huxley author
  • Dorothy Hyman olympic medalist
I - K
  • Eric Idle actor, comedian
  • Jeremy Irons actor
  • P. D. James author
  • Sir Elton John singer, composer, pianist
  • Amy Johnson aviatrix
  • Davy Jones singer
  • Judas Priest rock group
  • John Keats poet
  • Nigel Kennedy violinist, violist
  • King Arthur legendary figure
  • Ben Kingsley actor
  • Kinks band
  • Keira Knightly actress
  • Edwin Henry Landseer artist
  • Angela Lansbury actress
  • Charles Laughton actor
  • Stan Laurel actor, writer, director
  • Hugh Laurie actor
  • Jude Law actor
  • Peter Lawford actor
  • D. H. Lawrence author
  • Sir David Lean director, producer
  • Edward Lear poet
  • John Le Carré author
  • Led Zeppelin one of the greatest rock and roll bands of all time, highly influential on the sound of modern music
  • Christopher Lee actor
  • Matthew Lewis actor
  • Hugh Lurie comedian, writer, actor
  • Jeff Lynne musician
  • Phil Lynott musician, songwriter
  • Nigel Mansell race car driver
  • James Mason actor
  • Phil May cartoonist, caricaturist
  • Stella McCartney fashion designer
  • Roddy McDowall actor
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