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England Famous

People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.

  • Douglas Adams author
  • Jenny Agutter actress
  • Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje actor
  • Alfred the Great anglo-saxon king
  • George Alsop author
  • Gerry Anderson publisher, producer, screenwriter
  • Julie Andrews actress, singer
  • Naveen Andrews actor
  • Ken Annakin film director
  • Queen Anne queen great britain & scotland
  • David Arnold film composer
  • Rowan Atkinson actor
  • Richard Attenborough actor, director, producer
  • W. H. Auden poet
  • Jane Austen author
  • Alfred Austin poet
  • Charles Babbage mathematician, inventor
  • Robert Baden-Powell founder boy scouts
  • Samuel Bailey author, philosopher
  • Beryl Bainbridge author
  • Kenny Baker actor
  • John Barbirolli conductor, cellist
  • Charles Barry architect english house of parliament
  • John Barry composer
  • Shaun Mark Bean actor
  • Beatles George, John, Paul and Ringo, most successful rock band of all time
  • David Beckham soccer player
  • Kate Beckinsale actress
  • Bee Gees band
  • Alan Bennett actor, playwright
  • John G. Bennett scientist, mathematician, author
  • Steven Berkoff actor
  • Tim Berners-Lee primary inventor world wide web
  • Harrison Birtwistle composer
  • Black Sabbath band
  • Eric Arthur Blair (George Orwell) author
  • Brian Blessed actor
  • Orlando Bloom actor
  • Anne Boleyn second wife King Henry VIII
  • Sir Hermann Bondi mathemetician, cosmologist
  • John Boorman filmmaker
  • Adrian Boult conductor
  • Melanie Brown singer, songwriter
  • David Bowie singer, songwriter
  • Barbara Taylor Bradford author
  • Sir Richard Branson entrepreneur
  • John Bratby artist
  • Harry Brearley inventor stainless steel
  • Jeremy Brett actor
  • John Briane author
  • Asa Briggs historian
  • Benjamin Britten composer, conductor, pianist
  • Anne Brontë author
  • Branwell Brontë artist, poet
  • Charlotte Brontë author
  • Emily Brontë author
  • Melanie Brown singer
  • Elizabeth Barrett Browning poet
  • Robert Browning poet
  • John Bunyan author
  • Kathy Burke actress
  • Beryl Burton cyclist
  • Kate Bush singer, songwriter
  • A. S. Byatt author
  • Lord Byron poet
  • Michael Caine actor
  • Naomi Campbell model
  • Lewis Carroll author
  • Howard Carter archaeologist, egyptologist
  • Francis Legatt Chantrey sculptor
  • Charlie Chaplin actor, director
  • Graham Chapman comedian
  • Charles II king of England, Scots, and Ireland
  • Bruce Chatwin author
  • Geoffrey Chaucer author
  • Thomas Chippendale furniture designer
  • Agatha Christie author
  • Tony Christie singer
  • Sir Winston Churchill prime minister, stateman, inspirational leader during World War II
  • Eric Clapton singer, composer, guitarist
  • Howard Clark golfer
  • Petula Clark singer
  • Steve Clark musician
  • Arthur C. Clarke author
  • Jeremy Clarkson television host, author
  • John Cleese comedian, actor
  • Joe Cocker singer
  • Sir Christopher Sydney Cockerell inventor hovercraft
  • Sacha Baron Cohen comedian, actor
  • Coldplay rock band
  • Samuel Taylor Coleridge poet
  • Joan Collins actress
  • John Constable artist
  • James Cook explorer, cartographer
  • Alistair Cooke journalist, broadcaster
  • Harry Corbett puppeteer
  • Simon Cowell music producer
  • Daniel Craig actor
  • Michael Crawford actor, singer
  • Thomas Creswick artist
  • Francis Crick scientist, nobel prize winner
  • Oliver Cromwell political leader
  • Barry Cryer comedian, comedy writer
  • Tim Curry actor
  • Glyn Daniel archaeologist, author
  • Charles Darwin founder theory of evolution
  • Richard Dawson actor, television host
  • Daniel Day-Lewis actor
  • Kiki Dee singer
  • Deep Purple band
  • Daniel Defoe author
  • Frederick Delius author
  • Judi Dench actress
  • Michael Denison actor
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