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Photos of the Loreta Prague Czech Republic - European Maps, Europe Maps Prague Czech Republic Information

map of Prague Czech Republic

Loreta, Prague, Czech Republic 

The Loreta church in Prague is an important pilgrimage site, first maintained by the Capuchins, an order connected with the St. Francis of Assisi's Brotherhood.

This historical building was created to promote the legend of Santa Casa, a copy of the house believed to be the Virgin Mary's. This Santa Casa copy, complete with stunning fresco pieces and the statue of Our Lady of Loreta, sits in a delightful courtyard surrounded by chapel-lined arcades.

This place consisting of a cloister, the Church of the Nativity of Our Lord , a Holy Hut and clock tower. Not to be missed is the 'Prague Sun' and its 6000 plus diamonds in the Treasury, and the 300-year-old 27-bell carillon playing on the hour in the entrance. 

statue inside of the loreta, pragueA very old wall decoration inside the Loreta in Prague. 
face loreta prague
An angelic face inside the Loreta Chapel, Prague. 
Loreta courtyard
Another look at the Loreta courtyard.

loreta prague
This is a view of the front of the Loreta, Prague 
loreta courtyard prague
This is the Loreta's courtyard surrounded by chapel-lined arcades. Centered left a copy of the Santa Casa, a brick house believed to be similar to the Italian orginal. It includes a Virgin Mary statue and some absolutely stunning fresco pieces. 
fresco piece loreta chapel
This is one of the fresco pieces attached to the Santa Casa, mentioned above. 
church within the loreta prague
The Church of the Nativity of Our Lord was consecrated on June 7, 1737. The principal altar (shown) is decorated with an alleged replica of a Renaissance painting of the Adoration with a wrought rocaille frame and sculptures of SS Joseph, Joachim, God the Father and the angels. 
the crypt art loreta pragueIt rarely happens that an entirely unknown monument in the center of Prague is discovered, and when a secret crypt was found underneath the Santa Casa inside the Loreta it is quite a surprise. Inside were a number of coffins, as well as wall paintings depicting motives of Death and Resurrection; and this is one. 
monk portrait loreta prague
Another of the many faces that make the Loreta in Prague, Czech Republic, a popular stop for tourists. This eye-popping death bed portrait is of Valerianus Magnus (1586 – July 20, 1661) an Italian Capuchin, author, missionary and polemist.

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