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Famous Croats

Croatia's Information

Flag of Croatia
Land Area 55,974 km2
Water Area 620 km2
Total Area 56,594km2 (#124)
Population 4,313,707 (#127)
Population Density 77.07/km2
Government Type Parliamentary Republic
GDP (PPP) $94.24 Billion
GDP Per Capita $22,400
Currency Kuna (HRK)
Largest Cities

People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.

  • Vatroslav Jagic philologist, linguist
  • Zvonimir Janko mathematician
  • Dino Jelusic singer, songwriter
  • Nikola Jurisic nobleman, soldier, diplomat
  • Delo Jusic composer, arranger, conductor
  • Ibroca Jusic singer
  • Janko Polic Kamov author, poet
  • Milan Kangrga philosopher
  • Ivo Karlovic tennis player
  • Bartol Kasic linguist
  • Julije Kempf historian, author
  • Tereza Kesovija singer
  • Nada Klaic historian
  • Vjekoslav Klaic historian, author
  • Juraj Julije Klovic renaissance illuminator, miniaturist, artist
  • Ferdinand Konscak missionary, explorer, cartographer
  • Korado Korlevic astronomer, comets discoverer
  • Sylva Koscina actress
  • Janica Kostelic Alpine ski racer, Olympic medalist
  • Mario Kovac theater, film director
  • Ferdinand Kovacevic inventor, pioneer in telegraphy
  • Ante Kovacic author
  • Ivan Goran Kovacic poet
  • Josip Kozarac author
  • Miroslav Kraljevic artist, sculptor
  • Dragutin Gorjanovic Kramberger geologist, paleontologist, archeologist
  • Silvije Strahimir Kranjcevic poet
  • Kristian Kreovic artist
  • Petar Kresimir IV former king
  • Franjo Krezma violinist, composer
  • Marko Krizin saint
  • Miroslav Krleza author
  • Petar Kruzic defender of Klis against the Turks
  • Oton Kucera astronomer
  • Franjo Kuhac musicologist
  • Igor Kuljeric composer
  • Eugen Kumicic author, playwright
  • Grgo Kusic soldier

L - M

  • Josipa Lisac singer
  • Matija Ljubek canoer, Olympic medalist
  • Mato Lovrak author
  • Hanibal Lucic poet, playwright
  • Ivan Lucic historian
  • Darko Macan author, illustrator
  • Ivo Macek pianist
  • Vladko Macek politician
  • Magazin music group
  • Igor Mandic author, critic
  • Ranko Marinkovic author
  • Marko Marulic poet, humanist
  • Lovro von Matacic conductor, composer
  • Antun Gustav Matos poet, journalist, essayist
  • Josip Mavohnic founder USA Croatian Fraternal union
  • Ivan Mazuranic poet, linguist, politician
  • Stipe Mesic former president
  • Ivan Mestrovic sculptor
  • Boris Miksic politician
  • Zinka Milanov operatic soprano
  • Vlado Milunic architect
  • Andrija Mohorovicic meteorologist, seismologist
  • Stjepan Mohorovicic physicist
  • Maksim Mrvica pianist
  • Edo Murtic artist
  • Tomislav Muzek tenor

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This page was last updated on July 10, 2020.

Croatia Trivia

What is the Largest Ethnic Group in Croatia?

The majority of Croatia's population is of Croat ethnic origin. The Croat people make up 90.4% of Croatia's population.

Largest Ethnic Groups In Croatia

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