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Bosnia and Herzegovina Weather

Bosnia and Herzegovina's Information

Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Land Area 51,187 km2
Water Area 10 km2
Total Area 51,197km2 (#125)
Population 3,861,912 (#129)
Population Density 75.45/km2
Government Type Parliamentary Republic
GDP (PPP) $42.53 Billion
GDP Per Capita $11,000
Currency Marka (BAM)
Largest Cities

Much of Bosnia and Herzegovina experiences comfortably warm summers and mild to cool, wet winters.

In the upper-reaches of the mountains the winter months tend to be quite cold, with an abundance of snowfall, while summers are typically short and cool.

Average temperatures reach 72°F (22° C) throughout summer (although, occasionally there are hotter days), with winter temperatures hovering around 32°F (0° C) and below.

Current Weather Conditions:
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Bosnia and Herzegovina Trivia

What is the Largest Ethnic Group in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Bosniaks are South Slavic nation and ethnic group dominating Bosnia and Herzegovina population, and they constitute 50.1% of the total population in the country. The second largest ethnic group in the country are the Serbs, which account for 30.8% of the country's total population.

Largest Ethnic Groups Of Bosnia And Herzegovina

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