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Famous Belgians

Belgium's Information

Flag of Belgium
Land Area 30,278 km2
Water Area 250 km2
Total Area 30,528km2 (#136)
Population 11,409,077 (#77)
Population Density 376.81/km2
Government Type Federal Parliamentary Democracy Under A Constitutional Monarchy
GDP (PPP) $509.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $44,900
Currency Euro (EUR)
More Information Belgium
Largest Cities
People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.

A - B

  • Jean Aerts cyclist
  • Albert I king of Belgium 1909-1934
  • Albert II king of Belgium
  • Felix Amandus, Count de Muelenare former prime minister
  • Baudouin I prince of Belgium
  • Brigitte Becue swimmer
  • Auguste Beernaert Nobel laureate, former prime
  • Lambert le Begue priest, reformer
  • Leo Leander Bekaert Bekaert N.V. founder
  • Peter Benoit composer
  • Ingrid Berghmans judoka
  • Plastic Bertrand musician, songwriter
  • Gilles de Bins (Binchois) composer
  • Jules Bordet Nobel laureate, microbiologist
  • Jean-Marc Bosman footballer
  • Boudewijn I king of Belgium 1951-1993
  • Thiery Boutsen racecar driver
  • Adriaen Brouwer artist
  • Emile Leon Cammaerts poet
  • Robert Campin artist
  • Jan Ceulemans footballer
  • Raymond Ceulemans champion billiard player
  • Willy Claes former NATO secretary general, politician
  • Liz Claiborne fashion designer
  • Andre Cluytens conductor
  • Jean-Pierre Coopman boxer
  • Gerard Cooreman former prime minister
  • Georges Cuisenaire educator, mathematician
  • Father Pater Damien missionary
  • Suzanne Danco soprano
  • Gerard David artist
  • Bob Davidse television presenter
  • Eugene Goblet d'Alviella politician, lawyer
  • Charles De Broqueville former prime minister
  • Henri De Brouckere former prime minister
  • Jules De Burlet former prime minister
  • Pierre De Decker former prime minister
  • Michel De Ghelderode dramatist
  • Cyprien De Rore composer
  • Edward De Smedt chemist, inventor
  • Paul de Smet de Nayer former prime minister
D continued
  • Bartholemy Theodore, Count de Theux Meylandt former prime minister
  • Jules de Trooz former prime minister
  • Roger de Vlaeminck cyclist
  • Etienne De Wilde cyclist
  • Josquin des Prez composer
  • Leon Delacroix former prime minister
  • Paul Delvaux artist
  • Ann Demeulemeester fashion designer
  • Jean Pierre Duvieusart politician
E - G
  • James Sidney Ensor artist, printmaker
  • Gaston Eyskens former prime minister, economist
  • Marc Eyskens former prime minister , economist
  • Will Ferdi singer
  • Cesar Auguste Franck composer, organist
  • Dirk Frimout astrophysicist
  • Jan Fyt artist, etcher
  • Eric Geboers motocross rider
  • Adrien de Gerlache commander Antarctic expedition
  • Arnold Geulincx philosopher
  • Guido Gezelle poet
  • Henri Victor Marie Ghislain, Count Carton de Wiart former prime minister
  • Matthew Gilmore cyclist
  • Sebastien Godefroid sailor
  • Raymond Goethals football coach
  • Zenobe Gramme electrical engineer, inventor Gramme machine
  • Andre Gretry composer
  • Arthur Grumiaux violinist
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This page was last updated on July 10, 2020.

Belgium Trivia

What is the most populated city in Belgium?

Brussels is by far the most populous metropolitan area in Belgium, and is also the capital city. Approximately 1,789,447 people live throughout the entire metropolitan area.

Biggest Cities In Belgium

What are the major rivers of Belgium?

The Meuse River is the largest river to pass through Belgium. Other major rivers include Scheldt River, Oise River, Semois River, and Leie River.

Major Rivers Of Belgium

What Languages Are Spoken in Belgium?

Dutch, French, and German are the 3 official languages of Belgium, while English is also widely spoken throughout the country.

What Languages Are Spoken In Belgium?

What is the Largest Ethnic Group in Belgium?

The Flemish ethnic group is the largest group in Belgium, followed by Walloon and Italian.

Largest Ethnic Groups And Nationalities In Belgium

What type of government does Belgium have?

Belgium has a representative democratic, constitutional monarchy. The Prime Minister of the country serves as the head of government. The Belgian Parliament has two chambers, the Senate and the Chamber of Representatives. The Parliament and the government exercise the federal legislative power. The executive power is vested in the Government. The King of the Belgians is the head of state.

What Type Of Government Does Belgium Have?

What Are The Major Natural Resources Of Belgium?

Belgium has a wealth of natural resources including fertile land, coal, carbonates, limestone, black marble, fir trees, diamonds, zinc, lead, iron, and silica.

What Are The Major Natural Resources Of Belgium?

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