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Belarus Weather

Belarus's Information

Flag of Belarus
Land Area 202,900 km2
Water Area 4,700 km2
Total Area 207,600km2 (#84)
Population 9,570,376 (#92)
Population Density 47.17/km2
Government Type Presidential Republic In Name, Although In Fact A Dictatorship
GDP (PPP) $166.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $17,500
Currency Ruble (BYR)
More Information Belarus
Largest Cities
Belarus has a somewhat temperate climate as a result of its relatively close proximity to the Baltic Sea.

The country features cold winters with moderate snowfall. Average January temperatures are at -6 °C (21.2 °F).

The spring months are chilly, while summers are cool and moist with an average temperature of 18°C (64.4°F).

As for precipitation, Belarus has an average annual rainfall of 550 to 700 mm (21.7 to 27.6 in).

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