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Austria History Timeline

Austria's Information

Flag of Austria
Land Area 82,445 km2
Water Area 1,426 km2
Total Area 83,871km2 (#112)
Population 8,711,770 (#94)
Population Density 105.67/km2
Government Type Federal Parliamentary Republic
GDP (PPP) $417.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $47,900
Currency Euro (EUR)
More Information Austria
Largest Cities


  • (2000) A group of state owned companies agreed to pay $65 million to a fund earmarked for survivors of the Nazi Holocaust
  • (2000) In protest against the launch of a new Czech nuclear power station at Temelin, Austrian environmentalists blockaded border with Czech Republic
  • (2001) Dispute over nuclear power plant settled by Austrian and Czech governments agreeing on measures to improve safety, monitor environmental impact
  • (2002) Severe flooding along the Danube caused by torrential rain
  • (2003) First nationwide strike in decades took place after pension reform plans announced
  • (2003) Austrian native, Arnold Schwarzenegger elected Governor of California, USA
  • (2004) Heinz Fischer elected president
  • (2004) Parliament ratified the EU constitution
  • (2005) Danube River burst its banks, caused severe devastation
  • (2006) Severe flooding occurred from rising water levels in Danube
  • (2009) Six Czech hikers died in an avalanche near Soelden ski resort in Austrian Alps
  • (2009) Bank Medici, a private bank, announced it had $2.1 billion in exposure to Bernie Madoff's investment securities
  • (2010) President Fischer re-elected
  • (2011) Funeral of Otto von Habsburg, last heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, took place in Vienna
  • (2012) Dutch Prince Johan Friso seriously injured in an avalanche while on a skiing holiday in resort of Lech
  • (2013) In a referendum, the overwhelming vote was to retain the current conscript army instead of shifting to a professional force
  • (2013) Heavy rains, flooding caused extensive damage and four deaths
  • (2013) European Commission said Austria should pay a daily fine of more than 40,000 euros for breaking the EU policy on renewable energy
  • (2013) Dutch Prince Johan Friso died from injuries sustained in avalanche in Lech in 2012
  • (2013) Tens of thousands of civil servants protested against new government in Vienna for better pay and end to hiring freeze
  • (2014) Government agreed to raise wages for 200,000 civil servants by 1.9%
  • (2014) Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria froze assets and bank accounts of 20 Ukrainians after billions had gone missing

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