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Armenia History Timeline

1900s continued

  • (1995) Government launched privatization and price liberalization programs
  • (1995) Ruling party returned following Parliamentary elections, presidential powers were broadened
  • (1996) Ter-Petrosian re-elected president; protests over alleged electoral fraud took place
  • (1998) Ter-Petrosian resigned after opposition to efforts to seek a compromise with Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh; Nationalist Robert Kocharian elected president
  • (1999) Gunmen opened fire in the Armenian parliament killing prime minister, parliamentary speaker and six other officials; gunmen accused the government of leading Armenia into political and economic ruin
  • (2001) Armenia became full member of Council of Europe
  • (2001) Vladimir Putin first Russian president to visit Armenia since independence
  • (2003) President Robert Kocharian won Armenia's presidential runoff
  • (2003) Armenians went to the polls to select a parliament
  • (2003) Death penalty abolished
  • (2003) Six sentenced to life imprisonment for their roles in 1999 parliament shootings
  • (2004) Thousands of opposition supporters marched against president
  • (2004) Parliament voted to send 46 non-combat troops to Iraq
  • (2005) Armenia said Azerbaijan stockpiled more arms than permitted by treaty
  • (2005) Referendum voted in favor of proposed constitutional amendments; opposition protested, declared the vote rigged
  • (2006) Gas supply to Armenia disrupted following explosions in Russia damaged pipeline through Georgia
  • (2007) Parliament adopted bill allowing dual citizenship, paved the way for naturalization of Armenia's massive foreign migration estimated at eight million
  • (2007) Prime Minister Andranik Markarian died suddenly of heart attack, replaced by Serzh Sarkisian
  • (2007) Supporters of resolution in U.S. Congress to label mass killings of Armenians after 1915 as genocide was postponed
  • (2008) Armenians voted for a new president; Prime Minister Serzh Sarkisian (Sargsyan) declared winner; thousands of opposition supporters protested the results
  • (2008) State of emergency declared due to protests
  • (2008) Parliament passed law restricting public gatherings
  • (2008) Turkish President Abdullah Gul visited Armenia - first visit by a Turkish leader
  • (2008) Armenia won its second straight gold medal at the Chess Olympiad in Germany, defeated China in the final round
2000s continued
  • (2009) Turkish and Armenian foreign ministers issued a joint statement that they had "achieved tangible progress and mutual understanding"
  • (2009) Governments of Turkey and Armenia agreed to normalize relations at a meeting in Switzerland, created opportunities to establish diplomatic ties and reopen the mutual border
  • (2010) U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee passed resolution which described the killing of Armenians by Turkish forces in World War I as genocide, prompted Ankara to recall its ambassador
  • (2010) Parliament suspended ratification of accord normalizing relations with Turkey after Yerevan accused Ankara of imposing conditions, especially its insistence that Armenia's dispute with Azerbaijan be resolved
  • (2010) Azerbaijan and Armenia agreed to exchange prisoners captured during Nagorno-Karabakh conflict
  • (2011) Prime Minister Serge Sarkisian announced Armenia was ready to establish diplomatic relations with Turkey without any preconditions
  • (2011) Ongoing protests demanded President Serzh Sargsyan release political prisoners, prosecute the responsible parties for the death of opposition activists of the 2008 presidential election
  • (2011) French President Nicolas Sarkozy urged Turkey to accept responsibility for the genocide of more than one million Armenians during the collapse of the Ottoman Empire during his visit to Armenia
  • (2012) Turkey's prime minister said a bill passed by the French Parliament on the mass killing of Armenians under Ottoman rule is "racist"; warned of retaliatory measures
  • (2013) Serzh Sargsyan reelected president

Armenia's Information

Flag of Armenia
Land Area 28,203 km2
Water Area 1,540 km2
Total Area 29,743km2 (#138)
Population 3,051,250 (#136)
Population Density 108.19/km2
Government Type Semi-presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $26.30 Billion
GDP Per Capita $8,900
Currency Dram (AMD)
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