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Famous Hayastanis

Armenia's Information

Flag of Armenia
Land Area 28,203 km2
Water Area 1,540 km2
Total Area 29,743km2 (#138)
Population 3,051,250 (#136)
Population Density 108.19/km2
Government Type Semi-presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $26.30 Billion
GDP Per Capita $8,900
Currency Dram (AMD)
More Information Armenia
Largest Cities

People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.


  • Khachatur Abovian "father of Armenian literature"
  • Arthur Abraham boxer
  • Ara Abrahamian wrestler
  • Nicholas Adontz historian, philologist
  • Agathangelos secretary of King Tiridates III
  • Varuzhan Akobian chess grandmaster
  • Vladimir Akopian chess grandmaster
  • Alexander of Byzantium Byzantine emperor
  • David Anhagt "David the Invincible" philosopher (born in Greece)
  • Argishtis I of Urartu Armenian king
  • Gago Aroetjunjan kickboxer
  • Levon Aronian chess grandmaster
  • Minas Avetisyan artist
  • Armen Ayvazyan political scientist, historian
  • Basentsi Azoyan chief Intelligence Department
B - H
  • Hoyhannes (Ivan) Baghramian Armenian general, national hero of WWI
  • Axel Bakunts author, public activist
  • Philaretos Brachamios Byzantine general, warlord
  • Gokor Chivichyan martial arts instructor
  • Clifford Ara Condak illustrator, painter
  • Constantine VII Byzantine emperor
  • Constantine VIII Byzantine emperor
  • Gurgen Dalibaltayan Major-General Armenian forces
  • Vic Darchinyan boxer
  • Karen Demirchyan politician
  • Gevorg Emin poet, essayist, translator
  • Hovhannes Erznkatsi author
  • Manvel Gamburyan martial artist
  • Khoren Gevor boxer
  • Arshile Gorky artist
  • Mkhitar Gosh scholar, author
  • Gregory the Illuminator patron saint, first official head of Armenian Apostolic Church
  • George Gurdjieff mystic, spiritual teacher
  • Viktor Hambartsumian astrophysicist, author
  • Armen Harutyunyan human rights defender
  • Heraclius the Elder Exarch of Africa
K - M
  • Artavazd Karamyan footballer
  • Varaztad Kazanjian founder modern practice of plastic surgery
  • Edmond Keosayan film director, musician
  • Garegin Khachatryan sculptor
  • Rafik Khachatryan sculptor
  • Yeprem Khan revolutionary leader
  • Koryun historian
  • Shushanik Kurghinian author
  • Grigor Magistros linguist, scholar
  • Mkkhitar Manukyan wrestler
  • Andranik Margaryan former prime minister
  • Saint Mesrop Mashtots creator of Armenian alphabet
  • Menuas of Urartu former king
  • Roman Mitichyan martial artist, actor
  • Lilit Mkrtchian chess master
  • Frunzik Mkrtchyan actor
  • Moses of Chorene historian
  • Alexander Movsesyan playwright, novelist
  • Armen Movsisyan politician
N - S
  • Narses Byzantine general
  • Saint Nerses I the Great Armenian Catholicos
  • Khoren Oganesian footballer
  • Karo Parisyan martial arts artist
  • Toros Roslin manuscript illuminator
  • Sarduri I former king
  • Armen Sargsyan former prime minister
  • Martiros Saryan artist
  • Sebeos bishop, historian
  • Paruyr Sevak poet
  • Anania Shirakutis mathematician, astronomer
  • Hovhanes Shiraz poet
  • Siamanto poet, author
  • Movses Silikyan army general WWI national hero
  • Sybil (Zabel Asadour) poet
T - Y
  • Vehan Tekeyan poet
  • Tigranes the Great former emperor
  • Hovhannes Tumanyan poet, novelist
  • John I Tzimisces emperor
  • Rafael Vaganian chess master
  • Yurik Vardanyan weightlifter, Olympic medalist
  • Yeghishe historian

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This page was last updated on July 10, 2020.

Armenia Trivia

Where is Armenia?

Armenia is a landlocked country in Eurasia.

Fun Facts About Armenia

Is Armenia in Europe or Asia?

Officially known as the Republic of Armenia, Armenia Is a state that is located in Eurasia's South Caucasus region. The South Caucasus region refers to the area lying on the border between Western Asia and Eastern Europe, which is close to the southern Caucasus Mountains.

Is Armenia in Europe or Asia?

What Languages are Spoken in Armenia?

The official language of Armenia is Armenian while Assyrian, Greek, Russian, and Yazidi Kurdish are the major minority languages spoken in the country.

What Languages Are Spoken In Armenia?

What are the biggest industries in Armenia?

The economy is largely based on industries such as mining, jewelry, agriculture, textile, and tourism.

The Biggest Industries In Armenia

What are Aspects of the Armenian Culture?

Armenia has been occupied by neighboring empires throughout much of its history. As such, time and time again the culture faced threat of extinction or assimilation into other dominant cultures. However, with the establishment of the Armenian Republic in the wake of the dissolution of the Soviet Union, there were reasons for renewed confidence in the sustainability of one of the oldest extant cultures of our world. Armenian language and literature is being vigorously promoted among new first language speakers, both at home and across the global Armenian population. Still, the unique language faces a threat of language disintegration abroad.

The Armenian People and Armenian Culture

Which Is The Largest Religion In Armenia?

92.5% of the population of Armenia adhere to the Armenian Apostolic Church.

Religion In Armenia

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