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Yemen Weather

Yemen's Information

Flag of Yemen
Land Area 527,968 km2
Total Area 527,968km2 (#49)
Population 27,392,779 (#47)
Population Density 51.88/km2
Government Type In Transition
GDP (PPP) $73.45 Billion
GDP Per Capita $2,500
Currency Rial (YER)
More Information Yemen
Largest Cities

In the eastern desert areas, and along the Red Sea coast, Yemen is cloudless, hot and dry throughout most of the year; where temperatures in the high 90s (32°C) and 100s (37°C) are commonplace.

Inland, around the Sana area, and across the central mountains, temperatures do moderate; summer highs reach the mid-80s (26°C), with lows in the 60s (15°C); winter lows occasionally fall into the 30s (-1°C), but daytime highs quickly climb into the 70s (21°C).

There are two brief rainy seasons, (April - May) and (July - mid-September); during these periods, Indian Ocean monsoons bring copious amounts of rain to the western mountains and valleys.

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This page was last updated on September 29, 2015.

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