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Yemen History Timeline

1900's continued
  • (1994) Al-Baid declared independence of Democratic Republic of Yemen
  • (1994) Northern forces took control of Aden
  • (1999) Saleh won reelection with 92% of vote
  • (2000) U.S. Navy destroyer, USS Cole, attacked by suicide bombers while at dock in Aden, 17 killed, 39 injured, ten arrested
  • (2000) Bomb exploded at British Embassy
  • (2001) President of Yemin said he would join fight against terrorism
  • (2002) Bombing attack on Supertanker Limburg off Yemeni coast blamed on al-Qaeda
  • (2003) Suspects in bombing of USS Cole escaped from custody
  • (2004) Government troops in the north battled supporters of cleric Hussein al-Houthi
  • (2004) 15 men sentenced on terrorism charges, included bombing of Linburg Supertanker
  • (2004) Cleric Hussein al-Houthi killed by government forces
  • (2005) During fighting between government forces and al-Houthi supporters, over 200 were killed
  • (2005) Clashes between police and demonstrators protesting cut in fuel subsidies killed 36 people
  • (2005) Landslide destroyed mountain village near Sana'a, 60 killed
  • (2006) President Saleh again won reelection with 77% of vote
  • (2007 - 2008) Government forces clash with rebel groups in north and south Yemen, hundreds killed
  • (2007) Cease fire accepted by rebel leader, Abdul-Malik al-Houthi
  • (2007) Eight Spaniards, two Yemenis killed by suicide bomber when tourist convoy attacked in Marib
  • (2008) US Embassy evacuated all non-essential personnel after series of bomb attacks on official, diplomatic, police, tourism targets and foreign businesses
  • (2008) American Embassy attack in Sana'a killed 18
  • (2008) Demonstrators at rally in Sana'a demanded electoral reform, fresh polls
  • (2009) 176 al-Qaeda suspects released by government on condition of good behavior
  • (2009) Nine foreigners were abducted in Saada region, three killed, six missing
  • (2009) Thousands of people displaced by fighting between Yemeni army and Shia rebels in northern Saada province
2000's continued
  • (2009) Northern rebels and Saudi security forces clashed along countries' common border
  • (2009) Saudi Arabia regained control of area seized by Yemeni rebels
  • (2010) Yemeni government signed cease fire agreement with rebels in north, rebel clashes in south continued
  • (2010) 178 captives released by northern rebels
  • (2010) Packages containing explosives on cargo planes from Yemen to the U.S. caused global terror alert
  • (2010) Fighting with Houthi rebels killed 3,000 soldiers
  • (2011) President Salah announced he would not extend his presidency in 2013
  • (2011) Pro-reform demonstrations continued. At camp in Sana'a, police snipers opened fire, killed 50
  • (2011) State of emergency imposed due to protests
  • (2011) Airport shuts down, thousands fled city, dozens died in clashes between tribal fighters, troops in Sana'a
  • (2011) President Saleh injured in rocket attack, evacuated to Saudi Arabia; returned after recovery
  • (2011) Al-Qaeda leader, Anwar al-Awlaki, assassinated by US forces
  • (2011) President Saleh transferred power to Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi, his deputy
  • (2011) Unity government was formed
  • (2012) President Saleh left country

Yemen's Information

Flag of Yemen
Land Area 527,968 km2
Total Area 527,968km2 (#49)
Population 27,392,779 (#47)
Population Density 51.88/km2
Government Type In Transition
GDP (PPP) $73.45 Billion
GDP Per Capita $2,500
Currency Rial (YER)
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