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Travel to Vietnam

Vietnam's Information

Flag of Vietnam
Land Area 310,070 km2
Water Area 21,140 km2
Total Area 331,210km2 (#65)
Population 95,261,021 (#14)
Population Density 307.22/km2
Government Type Communist State
GDP (PPP) $595.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $6,400
Currency Dong (VND)
Largest Cities
ATTRACTIONS: (a few major)
Vietnam is a stunning destination, crammed with interesting things to see and do.

Major points-of-interest include the cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh ( Saigon); Halong Bay; Phong Nha Cave; the mountain villages of Sapa and Dalat; historical and cultural sites including the Hung Temple, Coloa citadel, the Temple of Literature in Hanoi, MySon Sanctuary, and the ancient city of Hoi An.

Additional popular attractions include the picturesque emerald-green rice paddy fields; boat trips through floating canal markets; Mekong Delta tours and sunset views atop Sam Mountain; pagodas and temples throughout the country; colorful festivals; and dozens of beautiful, clean beaches.


  • Calling Code: 84
  • Electricity: 127/220V, 50Hz
  • Drive on the: Right
  • Times to Travel: It's always high season somewhere in Vietnam, due to its three distinct geograpical and climatic zones: north, central and south.

    Many visitors, depending on the time of year, will follow a north/south or south/north route to ensure the most reasonable weather conditions (time permitting).

    It is adisable to avoid travel during the Tet Holiday, which is in January and February. Hotels are filled and roadways are packed with traffic.


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This page was last updated on November 22, 2017.

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