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Vietnam History Timeline

1900s continued
  • (1970) USA national security advisor Henry Kissinger, and Le Duc Tho of Hanoi government, began talks in Paris
  • (1973) Paris Peace Agreements reached
  • (1973) USA began withdrawing troops following agreement, war continued in the South
  • (1975) Communists captured Saigon, over 65,000 South Vietnamese killed
  • (1975) South Vietnam surrendered to North Vietnam; Saigon renamed Ho Chi Minh City
  • (1975) First group of "boat people" began arriving in Malaysia
  • (1976) Socialist Republic of Vietnam officially proclaimed
  • (1976) Vietnamese Works Party renamed Vietnam Communist Party
  • (1977) Vietnam joined United Nations
  • (1979) Vietnam invaded Cambodia, ousted Khmer Rouge regime of Communist leader Pol Pot
  • (1979) Chinese troops crossed Vietnam's northern border, repelled by Vietnamese forces
  • (1979) "Boat people" fleeing Vietnam caused international concerns
  • (1984) Chinese launched attacks against Vietnam
  • (1986) Nguyen Van Linh became party leader, introduced program of social, market reforms and more liberal economic policy
  • (1987) First tourists visited the country
  • (1987) China stationed nine armies on Sino-Vietnamese border region, increased landing craft fleet
  • (1988) Over 70 Vietnamese sailors killed in clashes with Chinese troops over Spratly Islands
  • (1989) Vietnamese troops withdrew from Cambodia
  • (1991) Relationships normalized with China
  • (1992) New constitution adopted, allowed certain economic freedoms
  • (1993) Border crossings for trade with China were opened
  • (1993) USA and Vietnam worked together to recover remains of American soldiers missing since the war
  • (1994) USA lifted 30-year trade embargo
  • (1995) Vietnam and USA restored full diplomatic relations
  • (1995) Vietnam joined Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)
  • (1997) La Kha Phieu became leader of Communist Party of Vietnam, Tran Duc Luong chosen president, Pahn Van Khai became prime minister
  • (1997) Typhoon Linda left nearly 3,400 dead, over 1,000 missing in fishing boats
  • (1998) Pham The Duyet, senior party member, charged with corruption
1900s continued
  • (1998) Asian financial crisis caused slump in economy
  • (1999) After calling for more democracy and freedom of expression, Tran Do, former high-ranking party member, was expelled
  • (1999) Corruption trial against 77 defendants began, included bankers and business executives from Minh Phung and Epco companies colluded with bankers to obtain huge loans, costs to government were over $280 million
  • (2000) Major flooding killed over 300 people, caused over $200 million in damages, severe poverty and hunger
  • (2000) During official visit, USA President Bill Clinton, pledged more help to clear landmines left from war; nearly 40,000 people killed by unexploded munitions
  • (2000) Liberal companies law established, 54,000 new private businesses began over next three years
  • (2001) Nong Duc Manh chosen as new Communist Party leader
  • (2001) US, Vietnam implemented trade agreement normalizing trade between them
  • (2002) Russia returned Cam Ranh Bay Naval Base
  • (2002) National Assembly reappointed President Tran Duc Luong for second term, Prime Minister Phan Van Khai reappointed for second five-year term
  • (2004) First USA commercial flight since end of Vietnam war landed in Ho Chi Minh City
  • (2005) All poultry raising in Ho Chi Minh City banned to limit risk of bird flu

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