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Tajikistan History Timeline

Tajikistan's Information

Flag of Tajikistan
Land Area 141,510 km2
Water Area 2,590 km2
Total Area 144,100km2 (#94)
Population 8,330,946 (#95)
Population Density 58.87/km2
Government Type Presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $25.81 Billion
GDP Per Capita $3,000
Currency Somoni (TJS)
Largest Cities
1900's continued
  • (1998) Former opposition groups help crush rebel uprising in north
  • (1998) Tajikistan joined CIS Customs Union
  • (1999) Rahmonov re-elected president
  • (1999) Rahmonov awarded Hero of Tajikistan
  • (2000) New bicameral parliament established
  • (2000) New national currency, the somoni, introduced
  • (2000) Visas for travel between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan were introduced
  • (2001) Deputy Interior Minister Habib Sanginov assassinated in Dushanbe
  • (2001) Former opposition commander and renegade warlord, Rahmon Sanginov, killed in gun battle with security forces
  • (2001) Culture Minister Abdurakhim Rakhimov killed by unidentified gunman
  • (2002) Additional border guards stationed along border with Afghanistan to prevent al-Qaeda members from entering country to escape US forces
  • (2003) Average wages in Tajikistan were $10 (U.S.) a month
  • (2003) Deputy leader of Islamic Rebirth Party, Shamsiddin Shamsiddinov, arrested, charged with murder
  • (2003) Referendum passed in favor of allowing President Rahmonov to run for two consecutive seven-year terms upon the completion of the current one in 2006
  • (2003) Death penalty for women abolished, number of crimes punishing men reduced, in law passed by Parliament
  • (2003) Shamsiddin Shamsiddinov sentenced to 16 years in jail by Supreme Court
  • (2005) Car blew up near government building in Dushanbe, one person killed; on the same day, fire broke out at Security Ministry
  • (2005) Ruling party won parliamentary elections
  • (2006) President Rakhmonov won third term
  • (2007) Road bridge between Tajikistan and Afghanistan opened
  • (2007) President Rakhmonov ordered babies no longer be registered with Russian-style surnames, dropped –ov from his name
  • (2007) Guard near presidential palace killed in explosion
  • (2008) Tajikistan asked for help following worst winter in 50 years along with an energy crisis
  • (2008) International Monetary Fund (IMF) ordered Tajikstan to return $47 million loan after discovering false data was submitted
  • (2008) Russia agreed to write off $242 million of Tajikistan's debt, took control of Okno mountaintop station, designed to track satellites
  • (2009) Agreement signed with U.S. allowing transport of non-military supplies over Tajik territory to Afghanistan
  • (2009) Tajikistan's gas supplies were cut off by Uzbekistan for three days over dispute about payment arrears
  • (2010) People's Democratic Party won parliamentary elections
  • (2010) 25 Islamic militants in Dushanbe prison for terrorism charges, escaped, killed five guards
  • (2010) Police station in Khujand attacked by suicide car bomb, one policeman killed, 25 injured
  • (2010) Islamists killed 23 soldiers in ambush
  • (2011)Tajikistan agreed to give a portion of its territory to China ending a land dispute lasting more than a century
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