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Taiwan History Timeline

Taiwan's Information

Flag of Taiwan
Land Area 32,260 km2
Water Area 3,720 km2
Total Area 35,980km2
Population 23,464,787 (#55)
Population Density 727.36/km2
Government Type Semi-presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $1,130.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $49,500
Currency Dollar (TWD)
Largest Cities

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  • (2000) Chen Shui-bian won presidential election; Nationalist (Kuomintang) Party's 50-year monopoly of power ended
  • (2000) During inauguration speech, President Chen Shui-bian stated: Taiwan would not be declared as independent; no change of national title from Republic of China to Republic of Taiwan
  • (2000) China accused President Chen Shui-bian of being insincere in speech as he did not say whether he considered Taiwan to be part of China
  • (2000) People's First Party (PFP) was formed; main goal was to seek more economic and social interaction between Taiwan and mainland
  • (2000) Prime Minister Tang Fei stepped down due to disputes with President Chen; Chang Chun-hsiung became prime minister
  • (2001) Exiled Tibetan spiritual leader, Dalai Lama, met with President Chen; China opposed
  • (2001) US President Bush approved arms sales package to Taiwan; China protested; President Bush pledged support to Taiwan if China attacked
  • (2001) Taiwan test-fired anti-missile defense system purchased from US; China simulated an invasion of Taiwan
  • (2001) 50-year ban on trade and investment with China lifted
  • (2001) Nationalist Kuomintang Party (KMT) lost parliamentary majority for first time
  • (2002) Taiwan entered World Trade Organization
  • (2003) SARS virus outbreaks rose dramatically
  • (2003) First direct commercial flight in over 50 years from Taiwan to Shanghai, China took place
  • (2003) Taiwan was last country to be removed from World Health Organization's list of country affected by SARS virus
  • (2003) 508-meter (1,666 feet) Taipei 101 building unveiled, said it was world's tallest
  • (2003) Parliament approved bill to allow referendum declaring independence in case of attack by China
  • (2004) Over one million Taiwanese formed a 500-kilometer (310 miles) long human chain, from the Keelung, the northernmost city to the southern tip at Eluanbi in commemoration of the 228 Incident; called for peace; protested deployment of missiles by China aimed at Taiwan's mainland coast
  • (2004) President Chen survived assassination attempt
  • (2004) President Chen reelected
  • (2005) First direct commercial airplane flights from Beijing to Taipei since 1949 took place for the Chinese New Year
  • (2005) Taiwan condemned new Chinese "anti-secession law" authorizing use of force against Taiwan should it formally declare independence
  • (2005) 1.6 million people marched in Taipei in protest against China's "anti-secession law"
  • (2005) President Chen invited to attend funeral of Pope John Paul II, first Taiwanese president to visit Vatican
  • (2005) Opposition party KMT won most of municipal elections; results seen as vote of no confidence in President Chen
  • (2006) President Chen turned over some of his power to the prime minister's office due to corruption allegations filed against a family member
  • (2006) Earthquake off the coast cut undersea cables, telecommunications were cut off or limited
  • (2006) President Chen survived recall vote
  • (2006) China arrested two Taiwanese businessmen accused of spying
  • (2007) Trade and investment between China and Taiwan increased, in spite of ongoing tensions
  • (2007) Protests resulted after Taiwanese government began removing statue of Chiang Kai-shek
  • (2007) China, Taiwan clashed over Olympic torch relay route before games in Beijing
  • (2007) United Nations rejected Taiwan's application for membership under name of Taiwan
  • (2008) Ma Ying-jeou of Kuomintang Party elected president
  • (2008) Formal talks with China began - first since 1999
  • (2008) Former President Chen arrested and charged with money laundering, bribery, embezzlement of government funds
  • (2008) China presented gift of two giant pandas
  • (2009) Economy went into recession
  • (2009) Former President Chen went on trial
  • (2009) Typhoon Morakot struck southern Taiwan, hundreds killed in flooding and mudslides
  • (2009) Former President Chen Shui-bian convicted of corruption and money laundering charges, sentenced to life in prison; Chen's wife, Wu Shu-chen, also sentenced to life in prison after conviction of lying to prosecutors and similar charges of corruption, money laundering
  • (2010) Despite objections from China, US agreed to $6.4 billion arms deal with Taiwan
  • (2010) Free trade pact signed between Taiwan, China was most significant agreement in 60 years
  • (2010) Pirates commandeered Taiwanese fishing boat off coast of Africa
  • (2011) Senior army officer was detained for suspicion of spying for China
  • (2011) Termites ate the interior of a 40-foot-long branch weighing more than a ton, which fell on a train, derailed four cars; five killed, more than 100 injured
  • (2012) President Ma Ying-jeou reelected to a second term
  • (2012) Production halted at Taiwan-based Foxconn Technology at a plant in China when over 2,000 workers began fighting, 40 injured
  • (2012) Hospital fire in southern Taiwan killed 12 patients, injured more than 60
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