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Syrian Arab Republic Weather

Syrian Arab Republic's Information

Flag of Syrian Arab Republic
Land Area 183,630 km2
Water Area 1,550 km2
Total Area 185,180km2 (#87)
Population 17,185,170 (#65)
Population Density 93.59/km2
Government Type Presidential Republic; Highly Authoritarian Regime
GDP (PPP) $50.28 Billion
GDP Per Capita $2,900
Currency Pound (SYP)
Largest Cities

In the desert areas of the east and southeast, hot, dry, and sunny summers are the norm. High temperatures above 105°F are quite common.

Along the Mediterranean coastal areas, afternoon rainfall is common in summer, and temperatures are quite pleasant, though humidity is high.

In the west-central and northern mountain valleys, rainfall is more pronounced; temperatures range from 45°F in winter, to 80°F in summer.

Rainfall in the Damascus area is lighter as the mountains block the traditional rains from the Mediterranean Sea. Temperatures in the capital city range from 40°F in winter to 95°F in summer.

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This page was last updated on April 7, 2017.

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