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Sri Lanka History Timeline

2000s continued

  • (2009) Rebel leader Velupillai Prabhakaran killed in fighting
  • (2009) Tigers issued statement saying they would lay down their arms
  • (2009) Canadian MP, Bob Rae, who worked both sides during peace process, arrived in Sri Lanka, denied entry, labeled security risk and expelled
  • (2009) In first post-war elections held in north, governing coalition won in Jaffna; voters in Vavuniya backed supporters of Tamil Tigers
  • (2009) Government announced early presidential, parliamentary elections
  • (2009) Opposition parties formed alliance to fight elections, led by former Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe
  • (2009) Over 100,000 refugees released from camps
  • (2010) President Rajapaksa reelected in elections, outcome was rejected by rival General Sarath Fonseka
  • (2010) General Fonseka arrested on corruption charges, jailed for 30 months
  • (2010) General Fonseka convicted of additional charges, sentenced to another three years in jail
  • (2010) President Rajapaksa dissolved Parliament to allow early elections to be held
  • (2010) European Union suspended Sri Lanka's trade status due to concerns over human rights
  • (2010) In parliamentary elections, President Rajapaksa's coalition won landslide victory
  • (2010) President Rajapaksa allowed to seek unlimited terms after Parliament approved change in constitution
  • (2011) United Nations called for international investigation into possible war crimes for atrocities against civilians during war
  • (2011) Tamil National Alliance won two-thirds of local councils in north and east
  • (2011) State of emergency laws that were in place for last 40 years were allowed to expire
  • (2011) Torrential rains caused massive flooding, 23 killed, millions affected
  • (2012) General Fonseka freed from prison; terms of release prevent running for public office, he vowed to fight Sri Lanka's "corrupt political culture"
  • (2012) 27 people died in clashes between inmates and guards at Sri Lanka's Welikada prison in Colombo
  • (2012) Report accused United Nations of failing to protect civilians in last months of war
  • (2013) Parliament impeached Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake due to accusations of financial impropriety and interference in legal cases
  • (2013) President Mahinda Rajapaksa appointed senior legal adviser Mohan Peiris, to replace Shirani Bandaranayake
  • (2013) Human Rights Watch accused Sri Lankan security forces of continuing to use torture, rape and other forms of sexual violence against people suspected of being Tamil Tiger rebels and their supporters, called for international investigation
  • (2013) Buddhist-led mob vandalized mosque in Colombo causing police to impose a curfew
  • (2013) Tamil National Alliance won major victory in northern provincial elections
  • (2014) Thousands of protesters from opposition parties, human rights groups, trade union, media groups marched in show of dissent against the government in Colombo
  • (2014) United Nations Human Rights Council voted to hold international investigation into possible war crimes by government and Tamil Tiger rebels in final stages of civil war
  • (2014) Three people were killed, 78 injured in riots in Aluthgama between Buddhists and Muslims
  • (2014) 41 asylum seekers were returned to Sri Lanka by Australia

Sri Lanka's Information

Flag of Sri Lanka
Land Area 64,630 km2
Water Area 980 km2
Total Area 65,610km2 (#120)
Population 21,203,000 (#58)
Population Density 328.07/km2
Government Type Presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $237.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $11,200
Currency Rupee (LKR)
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