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Saudi Arabia History Timeline

2000s continued
  • (2001) 15 of 19 hijackers in attacks on New York and Washington, DC were Saudi nationals
  • (2001) King Fahd called for end of terrorism, said it was prohibited by Islamic law
  • (2001) Saudi Arabian women issued ID cards for first time
  • (2001) Saudi government froze assets of people and groups suspected of terrorism links
  • (2002) Saudi Arabia would not allow U.S. to use facilities to attack Iraq
  • (2003) U.S. announced it would pull almost all troops out of Saudi Arabia
  • (2003) 35 people killed by suicide bombers in Riyadh in housing compounds for Westerners
  • (2003) Over 270 people arrested in center of Riyadh during rally calling for political reform
  • (2003) Suspected al-Qaeda militants killed 17, injured over 120 in suicide attack on residential compound in Riyadh
  • (2003) Power of Consultative Council expanded to include proposing legislation without permission of the King
  • (2004) Hajj pilgrimage stampede killed 251 during annual stoning ritual
  • (2004) Attacks near Riyadh killed four police officers, one security officer, al-Qaeda claimed responsibility
  • (2004) Al-Qaeda attack at security forces headquarters in Riyadh killed four, injured 148
  • (2004) Five foreigners killed in attack at petrochemical site in Yanbu
  • (2004) Saudi commandos stormed resort at Khobar to free 660 foreign hostages seized by Islamic militants, three suspects escaped
  • (2004) Gun attacks in Riyadh killed two Americans and a BBC cameraman
  • (2004) U.S. engineer abducted, beheaded
  • (2004) Security forces killed Abdul Aziz al-Muqrin, a local al-Qaeda leader
  • (2004) U.S. consulate in Jeddah was attacked killing five staff members and four attackers
  • (2005) Nationwide municipal elections took place for the very first time
  • (2005) King Fahd died, succeeded by former Crown Prince, Abdullah
  • (2005) Government employees received 15% pay raise, the first raise in 22 years
  • (2005) Bilateral free trade agreement was signed with U.S.
  • (2005) After 12 years of talks, Saudi Arabia's membership in World Trade Organization approved
  • (2005) For the first time, two women were elected to chamber of commerce posts in Jeddah
  • (2006) At stone-throwing ritual at Mecca, 363 Hajj pilgrims were killed
  • (2006) Hostel collapse in Mecca killed 76 during annual pilgrimage
  • (2006) Ambassador in Denmark was recalled in protest of series of published caricatures of prophet Muhammad
  • (2006) Security guards opened fire on suicide bombers in explosives-laden cars attempting an attack on oil processing facility, cars exploded
  • (2006) King Abdullah issued decree to lower domestic gasoline prices by 25% to 16 cents per liter
  • (2006) Plans to build electrified fence along 560-mile border with Iraq were announced
  • (2006) Saudi Arabia won seat on new UN Human Rights Council
  • (2006) In shootout with police, six men linked to al-Qaeda were killed
  • (2006) Allegiance council was established to choose succession for future monarchs to prevent infighting and internal power struggles
  • (2007) The largest Hajj pilgrimage ever held came to a close with no deadly incidents
  • (2007) Four French nationals were killed by gunmen in a suspected terrorist attack on a desert road leading to Medina
  • (2007) Police arrested 172 Islamic militants, some of whom had been trained as pilots for flying suicide missions; more than $32.4 million was seized
  • (2007) British media reported that Prince Bandar bin Sultan took about $2 billion in secret payments as part of a 1985 $80 billion arms deal signed between Britain and Saudi Arabia
  • (2007) $8.86 billion dollar deal was signed with Britain for the purchase of 72 Eurofighter jets
  • (2007) Overhaul of judicial system ordered by royal decree
  • (2007) 208 suspected terrorists in six cells were arrested, authorities also thwarted several planned attacks against oil installations

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