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Philippines History Timeline

2000s continued

  • (2004) Hundreds of people killed in floods and mudslides caused by powerful storms and typhoon
  • (2005) Fighting between Filipino troops and MILF rebels broke 2003 cease fire
  • (2005) Peace talks in Malaysia between government and MILF rebels resulted in breakthrough of issue of ancestral land
  • (2005) Demonstrations and calls for President Arroyo's resignation over allegations of vote-rigging in election
  • (2005) Congress voted against filing of impeachment against Arroyo
  • (2006) Mudslide on island of Leyte killed more than 1,000
  • (2006) President Arroyo declared state of emergency in response to coup rumors
  • (2006) Typhoon Durian battered east coast, triggered mudslides, hundreds dead
  • (2007) Army confirmed death of Abu Sayyaf leader, Khaddafy Janjalani
  • (2007) Military increased offensive against Abu Sayyaf, after the beheading of seven Christian hostages
  • (2007) Government report accused military of being responsible for killings of hundreds of left-win activists
  • (2007) Soldiers on trial for 2003 mutiny, made coup attempt at luxury hotel in Manila
  • (2007) Former President Joseph Estrada was convicted of plunder
  • (2008) Government negotiators, MILF rebels reached an agreement for a Muslim autonomous region in the south; deal collapsed after objections from Christian communities and fighting on island of Mindanao which left more than 30 people dead
  • (2009) Army captured MILF base on Mindanao
  • (2009) People traveling to file election nomination papers in Mindanao were attacked, 57 were killed
  • (2009) Peace talks resumed between government and MILF rebels in peace talks in Malaysia
  • (2009) Three volunteers of the International Committee of Red Cross kidnapped by the Abu Sayyaf rebels
  • (2009) Former President Corazon Aquino died
  • (2009) "State of calamity" declared by President Gloria Arroyo due to Typhoon Ketsana which caused landslides, flooding; nearly 500 people died
  • (2010) Prosecutors charged 196 people with murder over the Maguindanao massacre
  • (2010) Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino elected president
  • (2010) Manila Hostage Crisis occurred when dismissed national police officer hijacked tourist bus in Manila in attempt to get his job back
  • (2010) Typhoon Megi killed 31 people, caused major damages in Luzon, one of the costliest typhoons in the Philippines
  • (2011) U.S. committed to defense of the Philippines amid rising tensions in South China Sea with China over the Spratly Islands
  • (2011) Former President Gloria Arroyo arrested on vote-fraud over Senate election in 2007, she denied charges
  • (2011) Ban ordered on deployment of workers to 41 countries for failure to sign agreements to protect foreign workers from abuse
  • (2011) More than 1,000 died after Typhoon Washi struck Mindanao; entire neighborhoods swept away, tens of thousands forced into shelters
  • (2011) Abu Sayyaf group blamed for explosion at small hotel in Zamboanga which killed three, injured nearly 30
  • (2012) Gunmen in speedboats opened fire on fishermen off Sibago Island, killed 15
  • (2012) Military announced it killed man on FBI most-wanted terror list, two other militants in pre-dawn air strike on Sulu Island
  • (2012) Philippines, Chinese naval vessels confronted one another in South China Sea
  • (2012) Torrential rains caused flooding which paralyzed most of Manila
  • (2012) Philippine Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo missing after the light aircraft he was traveling in crashed into the sea
  • (2012) Approximately 3,000 protesters from the Philippines Muslim minority burned U.S. and Israeli flags in Marawi over amateur anti-Islam video produced in the U.S.
  • (2013) Filipino coastguard killed Taiwanese fisherman in disputed waters, set off major diplomatic row
  • (2013) Over 75,000 residents fled Zamboanga during stand-off between Moro National Liberation Front rebels and the army, 200 people were killed, including 166 rebels
  • (2013) Typhoon Haiyan decimated central area of the country, over 6,000 killed, millions lost homes, major international aid effort was organized
  • (2013) Government and Moro Islamic Liberation Front signed power-sharing accord
  • (2014) Benito Tiamzon and wife Wilma, leaders of the Communist Party-New People's Army-National Democratic Front, and five others were arrested by armed forces for for their crimes against humanity that included multiple murders
  • (2014) Government and Moro Islamic Liberation Front signed peace accord, ended four decades of fighting
  • (2014) U.S. and Philippines reached 10-year agreement giving American warships, planes and troops greater access to bases in Philippines
  • (2014) National Police arrested 11 Chinese fisherman for poaching more than 500 endangered sea turtles in disputed South China Sea

Philippines's Information

Flag of Philippines
Land Area 298,170 km2
Water Area 1,830 km2
Total Area 300,000km2 (#72)
Population 102,624,209 (#12)
Population Density 344.18/km2
Government Type Presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $807.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $7,700
Currency Peso (PHP)
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