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Famous Pakistanis

Pakistan's Information

Flag of Pakistan
Land Area 770,875 km2
Water Area 25,220 km2
Total Area 796,095km2 (#35)
Population 201,995,540 (#6)
Population Density 262.03/km2
Government Type Federal Parliamentary Republic
GDP (PPP) $988.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $5,100
Currency Rupee (PKR)
More Information Pakistan
Largest Cities

People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.

N - O

  • Ahmed Saeed Nagi painter
  • Adil Najam journalist
  • Anwar Naseem biotechnologist
  • Sarfraz Nawaz cricketer
  • Hameed Nizami journalist
  • Feroz Khan Noon politician
  • Ayesha Omar actress
  • Professor dr. Ayub K. Ommaya neurosurgeon, inventor
P - Q
  • Hafeez A. Pasha economist
  • Deepak Perwani fashion designer
  • Naveen Perwani snooker player
  • Samina Pirzada actress
  • Abdul Qadir cricketer
  • Muhammad Tahir ul Qadir scholar, peace ambassador
  • Muhammad Ilyas Qadri scholar
  • Moeenuddin Ahmad Qureshi former interim prime minister, economist
  • Mustafa Qureshi actor
  • Shah Mehmood Qureshi politician, diplomat
  • Mehreen Raheel actress
  • Danish Rahi design thinker, philosopher, humanitarian
  • Rashid Rana artist
  • Sohail Rana composer
  • Abdur Rashid chief justice
  • Ahmed Rashid journalist
  • Abdul Razzaq cricketer
  • Fazal-ur-Rehman politician
  • Kamiar Rokni fashion designer
  • Shehzad Rov singer
  • Shehzad Roy singer, politician
  • Munir Sadiq sailor
  • Samiullah field hockey player
  • Sangeeta actor, director
  • Tina Sani singer
  • Hassan Sardar field hockey player
  • Abdul Sattar diplomat, lawyer, former foreign minister
  • Najam Sethi journalist
  • Rahim Shah singer
  • Sajjida Shah cricketer
  • Sajjad Ali Shah former chief justice
  • Shafi Muhammad Shah actor
  • Zahid Shah cricketer
  • Muhammad Shahabuddin former chief justice
  • Agha Shahi former foreign affairs minister
  • Shaan Shahid actor, writer, director
  • Najmuddin Shaikh former diplomat, former foreign secretary
  • Parveen Shakir poet, teacher
  • Mehmood Sham columnist
  • Babra Sharif actress
  • Nawaz Sharif former prime minister
  • Javed Sheikh actor, producer, director
  • Najmuddin Sheikh diplomat
  • Zara Sheikh actress
  • Najam Sheraz singer
  • Kamal Siddiqi journalist
  • Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui academician, social worker
  • Muhammad Mian Soomro politician, former prime minister, former president
  • Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy former prime minister
  • Dr. Abid Qaiyum Suleri social analyst, development practitioner
  • Sabiha Sumar filmmaker
  • Mushahid Hussain Syed politician, political journalist
T - V
  • Shazli Tahir sailor
  • Mohammad Umar Taj cricketer
  • Sohail Tanvir cricketer
  • Muhammad Rafiq Tarar former president
U - Z
  • Mian Habib Ullah businessman, politician, diplomat
  • Sheraz Uppal singer, songwriter
  • Surendar Valasai journalist
  • Vital Signs band
  • Sohail Warraich television anchor, journalist
  • Wasif Ali Wasif teacher, writer, poet
  • Waqar Younis former cricketer
  • Mohammad Yousuf (Yousuf Youhana) cricketer
  • Ali Zafar musician, composer, songwriter, singer
  • Ehsan Elahi Zaheer scholar
  • Mansoor Zaman squash player
  • Qamar Zaman squash player
  • Tahir Zaman field hockey player
  • Asif Ali Zardari president
  • Zeest band
  • Mukammad Zia-ul-Haq former president
  • Prifessor Dr. Muhammad Suhail Zubairy laser physicist
  • Nasira Zuberi actor
  • Muhammad Atzal Zullah former chief justice

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This page was last updated on April 7, 2017.

Pakistan Trivia

What are the Biggest Cities in Pakistan?

Karachi is Pakistan's largest city by population. In fact, the Karachi Metro area is one of the largest on Earth by population. Its population is around 14 million.

The Largest Cities in Pakistan

What Languages Are Spoken In Pakistan?

Both English and Urdu are the official languages of Pakistan. A remnant of the British colonial rule in the region, English serves an important medium of formal communication in the country. Many educational institutes in Pakistan use English to impart education. English is spoken in the homes and informal circles of the elite class along with the local languages. Urdu is both the official language and national language of Pakistan. Punjabi, Pashto, Sindhi, and Balochi are some provincial languages spoken in the nation. The minority ethnic communities speak their own languages.

What Languages Are Spoken In Pakistan?

What is the Largest Religion in Pakistan?

Sunni Islam is followed by 96.03% of the population of Pakistan, making it the largest religion in Pakistan.

Religion in Pakistan

What is the Longest River in Pakistan?

The Indus River is the longest river in Pakistan. The Indus River is the most important river in southern Asia and it is shared between Pakistan, India, and china. The river runs for about 1,988 miles, from Lake Mansarovar in Tibet to Latah, Gilgit-Baltistan, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, then through Punjab to pour to the Arabian Sea near Karachi.

Longest Rivers In Pakistan

What Kind of Government Does Pakistan Have?

Pakistan has a federal government established by the Constitution of Pakistan where the Prime Minister of Pakistan is the executive head-of-government.

What Type Of Government Does Pakistan Have?

Is Pakistan Part Of The Middle East?

Pakistan is a country in South Asia and not in the Middle East. The country has a coastline along the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman. It is bordered by several Asian countries including Afghanistan, China, Iran, and Oman.

Is Pakistan Part of the Middle East?

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