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Famous North Koreans

North Korea's Information

Flag of North Korea
Land Area 120,408 km2
Water Area 130 km2
Total Area 120,538km2 (#97)
Population 25,115,311 (#51)
Population Density 208.59/km2
Government Type Communist State
GDP (PPP) $40.00 Billion
Currency Won (KPW)
Largest Cities
People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.

B - G

  • Baik Bong writer
  • Li Byong-Uk Olympic medalist, boxer
  • Kim Chaek hero, politician
  • O Chin-u soldier, politician
  • Hyon Chol-hae military officer
  • Choi Chol-Su Olympic medalist, boxer
  • Ryang Chun-Hwa Olympic medalist, weightlifter
  • Ryom Chun-Ja Olympic medalist, volleyball player
  • Ri Chun-Ok Olympic medalist, volleyball player
  • Ahn Eak-tai composer, conductor
  • Ri Sung Gi chemist
  • Ri Gun diplomat
  • Li Gun-mo politician
  • Kim Kye Gwan diplomat
  • Li Gwang-Sik Olympic medalist, boxer
H - J
  • Hwang He-Suk Olympic medalist, volleyball player
  • Paek Yong Ho general secretary Red Cross Society of Korea
  • Sin Son Ho diplomat
  • Pak Tok Hun ambassador
  • Pak Hyon-Suk Olympic medalist, weightlifter
  • Yon Hyong-muk politician
  • Kim Yong Jae ambassador
  • Hwang Jang-yop politician, North Korean defector
  • O Jong-Ae Olympic medalist, weightlifter
  • Kim Jong-chul politician
  • Kim Jong-il former supreme leader (born in Russia)
  • Kim Jong-gak member of North Korean military, politician
  • Kim Jong-nam former leader of DPRK
  • Son Jong-nam North Korean defector, Christian missionary
  • Li Jong-ok politician
  • Rim Jong-Sim Olympic medalist, weightlifter
  • Kim Jong-un supreme leader
K - M
  • Pak Kil-yon diplomat
  • Kim II-sung founder, eternal president of the DPRK
  • No Kum-Sok officer North Korean Air force
  • Choi Kwang military leader
  • Kim Kyong-hui politician
  • Pak Kyong-sam politician
  • Sun Myung Moon religious leader
  • Han Myeong-sook former prime minister of S. Korea
  • Jo Myong-rok member of the North Korean military
  • Kim Myong-Suk Olympic medalist, volleyball player
  • Paek Myong-Suk Olympic medalist, volleyball player

N - R

  • Paek Nam-sun politician
  • Jong Ok-Jin Olympic medalist, volleyball player
  • Jang Ok-Rim Olympic medalist, volleyball player
  • Kang Ok-Sun Olympic medalist, volleyball player
  • Kim Pong-chol politician
  • Pak Pong-ju politician
  • Jon Pyong-ho politician
  • Choe Yong Rim premier of North Korea
  • Choe Ryong-hae politician, military official


  • Chu Sang-song politician
  • Baek Sok poet
  • Pak Song-chol politician
  • Kim Song-Guk Olympic medalist, boxer
  • Ri Song-Hui Olympic medalist, weightlifter
  • Hong Song-nam politician
  • Kang Song-san former premier
  • Jang Song-taek vice-chair of the NDC
  • Kim Su-Dae Olympic medalist, volleyball player
  • Choe Su-hon politician
  • Yu Sun-Bok Olympic medalist, table tennis player
  • Chang Sung-taek politician
T - W
  • Jong Thae-yang diplomat
  • Pak Tong-chun diplomat
  • Jo Tong-Sop coach of North Korean national football team
  • Kim Tu-bong politician
  • Kim U-Gil Olympic medalist, boxer
  • Pak Ui-chun politician
  • Kim Un-chol Olympic medalist, boxer
  • Kim Un-Guk Olympic medalist, weightlifter
  • Kyong Wonha nuclear scientist
Y - Z
  • Kang Yang Wook minister
  • Kim Yeun-Ja Olympic medalist, volleyball player
  • Hyon Yong-chol four star general
  • Kim Yong-Chun leader North Korean military
  • Francis Hong Yong-ho Roman Catholic Bishop
  • Ri Yong-ho military officer
  • Kim Yong-il politician
  • Kim Yong-ju politician
  • Choi Yong-Kun former chief commander of the Korean People's Army, politician
  • Ri Yong-mu vice-chairman National Defense Committee
  • Kim Yong-nam politician
  • Choe Yong-rim politician
  • To Yu-ho archaeologist
  • Om Yun-Chol Olympic medalist, weightlifter
  • Oon Yung diplomat
  • Kim Zung-Bok Olympic medalist, volleyball player

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