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Mongolia History Timeline

Mongolia's Information

Flag of Mongolia
Land Area 1,553,556 km2
Water Area 10,560 km2
Total Area 1,564,116km2 (#18)
Population 3,031,330 (#138)
Population Density 1.95/km2
Government Type Semi-presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $37.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $12,200
Currency Tugrik (MNT)
More Information Mongolia
Largest Cities
2000s Continued
  • (2004) Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj appointed as prime minister following power-sharing deal
  • (2005) Protesters demand government's resignation and end to poverty and official corruption
  • (2005) Nambaryn Enkhbayar, MPRP candidate, won presidential election
  • (2006) Prime Minister Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj's coalition government failed following pull-out by MPRP
  • (2006) Miyeegombo Enkhbold appointed new prime minister by Parliament
  • (2006) Thousands of protesters marched outside government headquarters, burned effigies of country's leader, demanded resignations due to alleged corruption, mishandling of mineral wealth
  • (2006) 2,000 mile tree planting program, "Green Wall" was started to help block dust storms from Gobi Desert
  • (2007) Prime Minister Miyeegombo Enkhbold resigned; Sanjagiin Bayar, MPRP leader, became prime minister
  • (2008) Over 20,000 people protested in Ulan Bator demanding government do something about rising food prices
  • (2008) Riots broke out in capital after opposition accused governing party of rigging elections; five killed, hundreds injured; President Enkhbayar declared state of emergency
  • (2009) Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj, former prime minister and member of opposition Democratic Party, won presidential election
  • (2009) Prime Minister Sanjagiin Bayar resigned for health reasons, Sukhbaataryn Batbold became prime minister
  • (2009) Worst flooding in 40 years killed at least 24, left hundreds homeless
  • (2010) United Nations launched program to pay herders to clean and collect carcasses after extreme cold killed over one million livestock
  • (2010) Bat Khurts, head of Mongolia's Central Spy Agency, arrested in Great Britain; sparked diplomatic row
  • (2010) Court ruled that Bat Khurts could be extradited to Germany on kidnapping charges
  • (2010) MPRP reverted to Communist-era name of Mongolian People's Party resulting in controversy
  • (2010) Former President Nambaryn Enkhbayar set up Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party
  • (2011) Prior to Chancellor Angela Merkel's visit to Mongolia, Germany released Bat Khurts
  • (2012) Democratic Party won most seats, formed coalition with Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party
  • (2012) Former President Nambaryn Enkhbayar sentenced to four years in jail for corruption
  • (2012) Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party threatened to leave coalition due to Enkhbayar's jail sentence
  • (2012) Paleontologist Eric Prokopi pled guilty to smuggling dinosaur bones into the U.S. from China that had been unlawfully taken from Mongolia
  • (2013) Skeleton of Tyrannosaurus bataar dinosaur was returned to Mongolia, after being smuggled into U.S.
  • (2013) President Elbegdorj won second term in elections
  • (2013) Copper, gold and coal mining boosted economy, resulted in surge of construction in Ulan Bator and tourism to the country
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