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Maldives History Timeline

2000s Continued
  • (2003) Amnesty International accused Maldives government of political repression and torture, government rejected allegations as "false and baseless".
  • (2003) President Gayoom elected to sixth term, became longest-serving head of state in Asia
  • (2003) Unrest erupted at Maafushi prison after man was tortured to death, three people were killed, violent riots resulted and state of emergency declared
  • (2004) President Gayoom announced constitutional changes to limit presidential terms and to allow formation of political parties
  • (2004) Overloaded ferry overturned, 18 killed, 50 missing
  • (2004) Pro-democracy demonstration turned violent, state of emergency imposed, 100 people arrested
  • (2004) Hundreds of people killed and many islands suffered severe damage, with 42 flattened, when a tsunami generated by a powerful undersea earthquake off the Indonesian coast struck the Maldives
  • (2005) Over 1,500 lived on artificial island of Hulhumale; over $60 million was spent on creation, expected completion in 2040
  • (2005) Parliament voted to allow multi-party politics
  • (2005) Opposition party leader, Mohamed Nasheed, charged with terrorism and sedition for criticism of President Gayoom and inciting violence
  • (2006) President Gayoom introduced reforms to enhance multi-party politics
  • (2006) President Gayoom pardoned senior opposition figure, Jennifer Latheef of terrorism; she denied pardon, demanded retrial to clear her name
  • (2007) Coastguard vessel opened fire, sunk boat carrying Tamil Tiger rebels from Sri Lanka
  • (2007) President Gayoom won victory in referendum on future form of Maldives' government
  • (2007) Bomb exploded at entrance to recreation park in Male, wounded 12 foreign tourists
  • (2008) Boy Scout Mohammad Jaisham, grabbed knife of attacker who attempted to assassinate President Gayoom
  • (2008) New constitution ratified allowing first multi-party presidential elections
  • (2008) Opposition leader Mohamed Nasheed defeated President Gayoom in second round of voting, inaugurated as president
  • (2008) First president of Maldives and leader of independence movement, Ibrahim Nasir, died in Singapore
  • (2009) President Nasheed announced Maldives would switch to renewable energy sources within a decade and become carbon-neutral
  • (2009) Cabinet members donned scuba gear, used hand signals at an underwater meeting held to highlight threat of global warming to their country
  • (2009) President Nasheed said government would ensure media freedom and competition by deregulating state-controlled media
  • (2010) Entire Maldivian cabinet resigned after a threat by the opposition to bring a vote of no confidence in parliament against every minister; President Nasheed remained in office
  • (2010) Foreign couple renewing their wedding vows were subjected to insults by locals during a ceremony captured on video and watched by thousands on YouTube; government issued apology
  • (2011) Police used tear gas, batons to break up protest demanding President Nasheed step down; dozens injured, many arrests
  • (2011) Maldives were urged to end practice of flogging women found to have had sex outside marriage by UN human rights chief
  • (2011) The Maldives government announced closures of massage parlors and spas, following opposition-led religious protests
  • (2012) Judge Abdulla Mohamed, chief justice of country's criminal court, was arrested after releasing opposition leader who had been detained without a warrant for allegedly defaming government; all courts boycotted their sessions
  • (2012) Following arrest of Judge Abdulla Mohamed, Maldives Journalists Association said government was threatening and harassing the media over their reporting
  • (2012) Dozens of anti-government activists were arrested in Male, following government accusations of whipping up religious extremism
  • (2012) President Nasheed resigned after mutiny by police and weeks of demonstrations over arrest of Judge Abdulla Mohamed; Vice-President Mohamed Waheed Hussain Manik sworn in as president
  • (2012) Former President Nasheed charged with illegally ordering arrest of Judge Abdulla Mohamed
  • (2012) Supporters of Maldives' former President Nasheed protested in the streets preventing new President Manik from opening Parliament
  • (2013) In elections, Mohamed Nasheed, won first round of voting
  • (2013) Abdulla Yameen, defeated former President Mohamed Nasheed, in runoff elections
  • (2014) Party of Mohamed Nasheed conceded defeat in parliamentary elections
  • (2014) After six decades, Maldives readopted death penalty to be used for certain crimes

Maldives's Information

Flag of Maldives
Land Area 298 km2
Total Area 298km2 (#186)
Population 392,960 (#175)
Population Density 1,318.66/km2
Government Type Presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $5.41 Billion
GDP Per Capita $15,300
Currency Rufiyaa (MVR)
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