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Famous Macanese

Macao's Information

Flag of Macao
Land Area 28 km2
Total Area 28km2
Population 597,425 (#168)
Population Density 21,336.61/km2
Government Type Presidential Limited Democracy; A Special Administrative Region Of The PRC
GDP (PPP) $63.22 Billion
GDP Per Capita $96,100
Currency Pataca (MOP)
Largest Cities

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People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.

A - C

  • Dino Acconci singer, songwriter, musician
  • Julio Acconci singer, songwriter, musician
  • Jose Martins Achiam karate champion
  • Ade (Jose dos Santos Ferreira) poet
  • Lam Bun-Ching composer, conductor, pianist
  • Domingos Chan footballer
  • Florinda Chan politician
  • Paul Chan politician
  • Chit Un Cheung footballer
  • Fernando Cheung politician
  • Fatima Choi researcher, statistician
  • Fernando Chui politician
  • Deolinda da Conceicao writer, journalist
  • Maria Cordero singer, actress
F - I
  • Chow Kam Fai politician, entrepreneur
  • Sam Hou Fai jurist
  • Alex Fong actor
  • Paul Fong USA politician
  • Chan Man Hei footballer
  • Edmund Ho politician
  • Henry Ho auto racer
  • Stanley Ho industrialist, entrepreneur
  • Ao Chi Hong auto racer
  • Lai Kin Hong jurist
  • Kuan Hsin-chi educator
  • Schellas Hyndman USA soccer coach
  • Lai Kin Ian attorney
J - K
  • Manuel John Johnson astronomer
  • Joe Junior singer
  • Kuok lo Keong auto racer
  • Leong Chon Kit footballer
  • Jose Lai Catholic bishop
  • Ka Koi Lam footballer
  • Patrick Lau architect
  • Joseph Lee politician
  • Angela Leong politician, entrepreneur
  • Isabella Leong actress
  • Noel Leung actress
  • Sophie Leung politician
  • Rogerio Hyndman Lobo philanthropist, politician
  • Gaile Lok actress
  • Ao Man Long politician
M - O
  • Che Chi Man footballer
  • Ho Chio Meng lawyer
  • Lei Kit Meng auto racer
  • Vicente Nicolau de Mesquita Portuguese army officer
  • Warren Mok opera singer
  • Alice Leonor das Neves Costa jurist
  • Ho Ven On politician
R - S
  • Abraham Razack politician
  • Michelle Reis actress
  • Francisco Rosario footballer
  • Au Kam San politician
  • Chan Kin Seng footballer
  • Henrique de Senna Fernandes writer
  • Terence Siufay singer
  • Soler music group
  • Felipe De Souza auto racer
T - X
  • Francis Tam politician
  • Wong Chan Tong politician
  • Jenny Tseng singer
  • Cheong Kuoc Va politician
  • Lau Cheok Va jurist
  • Tam Hio Wa jurist
  • Ts'o Seen Wan attorney
  • Ming-Na Wen actress
  • Xian Xinghai composer

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