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Famous Lebanese

Lebanon's Information

Flag of Lebanon
Land Area 10,230 km2
Water Area 170 km2
Total Area 10,400km2 (#161)
Population 6,237,738 (#107)
Population Density 609.75/km2
Government Type Parliamentary Republic
GDP (PPP) $85.16 Billion
GDP Per Capita $18,500
Currency Pound (LBP)
Largest Cities
People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.

K continued

  • Arsinee Khanjian actress
  • Fadi El Khatib basketball player
  • Anthony Peter Khoraish patriarch
  • Bechara El Khoury former president
  • Elias Khoury novelist, playwright, critic
  • Venus Khoury-Ghata writer
  • Jean Succar Kuri businessman
L - M
  • Nadine Labaki actress, film director
  • Emile Lahoud former president
  • Amin Maalouf novelist
  • Fady Maalouf singer
  • Ibrahim Maalouf musician
  • Mahmoud Mabsout actor
  • Peter Macdissi actor
  • Pascale Machaalani singer
  • Elia Abu Madi poet
  • Charles Malik former president of UN General Assembly
  • Massari singer
  • Elie Mechantaf basketball player
  • Mika singer
  • Najib Mikati prime minister
  • Nayla Moawad politician
  • Rene Moawad former president
  • Youssef Mohamad footballer
  • Naziha Moukarzel "Majdala" singer
  • Zuhair Murad fashion designer
  • Elias Murr former deputy prime minister
  • May Murr historian, writer, poet, political activist
  • Michel Murr politician, former deputy prime minister
  • Khalil Mutran poet, journalist
N - R
  • Mikhail Naima author, poet
  • Octavia Nasr television journalist
  • Hassan Nasrallah leader of Hezbollah
  • Zaki Nassif composer, singer
  • Abeer Nehme singer
  • Nour actress
  • Adel Osseiran politician
  • Assi Rahbani musician, producer, composer
  • Ghassan Rahbani producer, composer, musician
  • Mansour Rahbani composer, musician, producer
  • Ziad Rahbani musician, actor
  • Ashraf Rifi police commander
  • Ameen Rihani author
  • Charbel Rouhana oud player
  • Majida El Roumi singer
  • Elie Saab fashion designer
  • Rola Saad singer
  • Nicole Saba singer
  • Sabah singer, actress
  • Hassan Kamel Al-Sabbah research engineer, mathematician, inventor
  • Wadih El Safi singer, composer, musician
  • Karol Sakr singer
  • Pascale Sakr singer
  • Saeb Salam former prime minister
  • Carole Samaha musician, actress
  • Elias Sarkis former president of Lebanon
  • Rony Seikaly basketball player
  • Nasri Shamseddine singer, actor
  • Fouad Siniora former prime minister
  • Haaz Sleiman actor
  • Riad as-Solh former prime minister
  • Sami as-Solh former prime minister
  • Takieddin el-Solh former prime minister
T - Z
  • Jamal Taha footballer
  • Suzanne Tamim singer
  • Serj Tankian singer, songwriter
  • Alain Tasso poet, essayist
  • Walid Toufic singer
  • Petro Trad former president
  • Gebran Tueni journalist, deputy
  • Afif Abdul Wahab surgeon
  • Salim Wardeh politician
  • Shafik Wazzan former prime minister
  • Haifa Wehbe singer, actress
  • Karel Wolf singer, songwriter, producer
  • Gabriel Yared composer, musician
  • Nawal Al Zoghbi singer

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