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Famous Laotians

Lao People's Democratic Republic's Information

Flag of Lao People's Democratic Republic
Land Area 230,800 km2
Water Area 6,000 km2
Total Area 236,800km2 (#82)
Population 7,019,073 (#103)
Population Density 30.41/km2
Government Type Communist State
GDP (PPP) $40.96 Billion
GDP Per Capita $5,700
Currency Kip (LAK)
Largest Cities
People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.

A - D

  • Chao Anou former monarch of Laos kingdom of Vientiane
  • Bounyong Boupha politician
  • Souvanhpheng Bouphanouvong politician
  • Bouasone Bouphavanh former prime minister
  • Prince Boun Oum Na Champasak former prime minister
  • Bounxou Chanthraphone weaver
  • Somchanh Chitvongdouan politician
  • Ponemek Daraloy physician, politician
  • Soulivong Daravong politician, economist
  • Loc Do actor
  • Somdy Douangdy economist, politician
  • Ong Keo leader in fight between France and Laos
  • Sisavath Keobounphanh former vice-president, former prime minister
  • Vanpheng Keonakhone politician
  • Oun Kham former king
  • Phaya Khammao former chairman of provisional government
  • Vassady Khotyotha politician
  • Prince Kindavong former prime minister
  • Alounkeo Kittikhoun politician
  • Ong Kommandam leader in fight between France and Laos
  • Somsanith Vong Kotrattana former prime minister
  • Malichansouk Kouanchao visual artist
L - O
  • Asang Laoly politician
  • Chanhthuem Latmany politician
  • Sompet Laungsouphom cinematographer
  • Kak Lee filmmaker
  • Somsavat Lengsavad politician
  • Touby Lyfoung politician, military leader
  • Khan Malaythong badminton player
  • Latsamy Mingboupha politician
  • Fa Ngoum former king
  • Phoumi Nosavan military leader, politician
  • Thatsadaphone Nosing politician
  • Mounkeo Oraboun politician
  • Boun Oum former prime minister
P - R
  • Soth Phetrasy official in communist guerilla movement
  • Douangchai Phichit politician
  • Bountiem Phissamay politician, scientist
  • Quinim Pholsena politician
  • Kaysone Phomvihane former prime minister, former president
  • Souvanna Phouma former prime minister
  • Bun Vat Phu Buddhist nun
  • Phetsarath Rattanavongsa former prime minister
  • Phoui Sananikone former prime minister
  • Katay Don Sasorith nationalist, author, former prime minister
  • Choummaly Sayasone president
  • Cheng Sayavong army general
  • Siluck Saysanasy actor
  • Thongbane Sengaphone politician
  • Bangbay Siboliban cinematographer
  • Khamtai Siphandon former president
  • Thongloun Sisoulith politician
  • Thongvan Kham Sithilath politician
  • Phai Sivongxai cinematographer
  • Cheuang Sombounkhanh politician
  • Prince Souphanouvong former president
  • Duangsavath Souphanouvoung politician
  • Prince Souvannarath former prime minister
  • Keo Souvannavong actor
  • Soubanh Srithirath politician
T - Z
  • Soutchay Thammasith politician
  • Onchanh Thammavong politician
  • Thongsing Thammavong prime minister
  • Sue Vannasing film director, producer
  • Chanhsy Vannavongxay politician
  • Savang Vatthana former king
  • Phankham Viphavan politician
  • Lamou Vissay actor
  • Nam Viyaket politician
  • Sisavang Vong former king
  • Boungnang Vorachith former prime minister, vice-president
  • Pa Chay Vue Hmong nationalist hero
  • Bryan Thao Worra writer
  • Bangon Xayalath politician
  • Chaleun Yapaoheu lawyer, politician
  • Zakarine former king

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