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Kyrgyzstan History Timeline

2000s continued
  • (2005) President Bakiyev effectively ended the death penalty by extending a moratorium it until its planned abolition
  • (2006) Omurbek Tekebayev, Parliament speaker, resigned after dispute with president, became new opposition leader
  • (2006) President Bakiyev threatened to expel Afghanistan
  • (2012) New government collapsed after one of the coalition partners defected
  • (2013) Former President Bekiyev and two sons were sentenced in absentia to long prison terms for corruption and abuse of office
  • (2013) Protesters blockaded Centerra, a Canadian-owned goldmine, demanded the mine be nationalized and the company to provide more benefits
  • (2013) Lawmakers voted to end agreement with U.S. for the $60 million annual lease at Manas in June 2014
  • (2014) Russia's energy company, Gazprom, bought KyrgyGaz energy for $1 plus assumed the $40 million debt

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