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Iran History Timeline

Iran's Information

Flag of Iran
Land Area 1,531,595 km2
Water Area 116,600 km2
Total Area 1,648,195km2 (#17)
Population 82,801,633 (#16)
Population Density 54.06/km2
Government Type Theocratic Republic
GDP (PPP) $1,460.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $18,100
Currency Rial (IRR)
More Information Iran
Largest Cities
1900s continued
  • (1988) USS Vincennes mistakenly shot down Iran Air Airbus with 290 passengers
  • (1988) Iran accepted ceasefire agreement with Iraqunder the guidance of the UN
  • (1989) Ayatollah Khomeini issued edict which ordered Muslims to kill British author, Salman Rushdie, for the novel "The Satanic Verses"
  • (1989) Following death of Ayatollah Khomeini, President Khamene'i appointed as new supreme leader
  • (1989) $567 million in frozen Iranian assets released byU.S.
  • (1990) Approximately 40,000 killed by major earthquake
  • (1990) Iraq invaded Kuwait, Iran remained neutral
  • (1990) U.S. imposed sanctions after Iran and Iraqresumed diplomatic ties
  • (1993) Rafsanjani won re-election
  • (1995) U.S. imposed oil and trade sanctions over Iran's alleged sponsorship of terrorism
  • (1997) Mohammad Khatami won presidential election
  • (2001) President Khatami re-elected
  • (2002) U.S. President George Bush described Iraq, Iran, and North Korea as an "axis of evil" , caused outrage in Iran
  • (2002) Construction of Iran's first nuclear reactor began by Russian technicians, U.S. strongly objected
  • (2003) Earthquake in southeast Iran killed 40,000 people
  • (2004) Uranium enrichment was suspended under deal with European Union
  • (2005) Mahmoud Ahmadinejad won presidential elections
  • (2006) Iran stated it had succeeded in enriching uranium at the Natanz facility
  • (2006) Deadline passed to halt work on nuclear fuel passes by established by UN
  • (2007) Iran detained 15 British sailors and marines found patrolling Shatt al-Arab waterway
  • (2007) IAEA reported Iran could develop a nuclear weapon in three to eight years; Iran allowed inspectors to visit the Arak nuclear plant; US intelligence report played down the perceived nuclear threat posed by Iran
  • (2007) Government imposed petrol rationing, protests erupted
  • (2007) U.S.announced new sanctions against Iran
  • (2008) IAEA reported that Iran was still withholding nuclear program information
  • (2008) Conservatives won majority of seats in parliamentary elections, Ali Larijani elected new speaker

2000s continued

  • (2008) UN Security Council tightened economic, trade sanctions
  • (2008) New version of long-range missile, Shahab-3, tested; Iran said missile was capable of hitting targets inIsrael
  • (2009) Mahmoud Ahmadinejad won second term as president, rivals challenged results, protests followed, 30 people killed, more than 1,000 arrested
  • (2009) Iran insisted the building of uranium enrichment plant near Qom, was for peaceful purposes
  • (2010) UN Security Council imposed fourth round of sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program
  • (2010) Woman sentenced to death by stoning caused international outrage
  • (2010) Suicide bombers attacked Shia mosque in Zahedan, killed 27
  • (2010) U.S. imposed sanctions against eight senior Iranian officials for violations of human rights
  • (2011) Nuclear chief Ali Akbar Salehi reported that Iran possessed technology needed to make fuel plates and rods for nuclear reactors
  • (2011) Israel described Iran's sending of two warships through Suez Canal, an act of provocation
  • (2011) Two U.S. citizens, arrested at Iran-Iraq border in 2009, were found guilty of spying, sentenced to eight years in prison
  • (2011) Iran accused by U.S. of being behind alleged plot to kill Saudi ambassador to Washington

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