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Iran's Information

Flag of Iran
Land Area 1,531,595 km2
Water Area 116,600 km2
Total Area 1,648,195km2 (#17)
Population 82,801,633 (#16)
Population Density 54.06/km2
Government Type Theocratic Republic
GDP (PPP) $1,460.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $18,100
Currency Rial (IRR)
More Information Iran
Largest Cities

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  • Bio - Cyrus the Great (Founder of the Persian Empire)
  • Caspian Sea
  • Central Bank
  • Chamber of Commerce, Industries & Mines
  • City of Damghan
  • City of Isfahan
  • City of Tehran
  • Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Country Study
  • Historical Timeline
  • Iran Chamber Society
  • Iran-Iraq War (1980 - 1988)
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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  • Persian Language
  • Statistical Centre of Iran
  • Strait of Hormuz
  • Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei
  • UNESCO Sites

    • A very complete list of blogs, internet media, press agencies, magazines, newspapers, radio and television sources here!

    This page was last updated on April 7, 2017.

    Iran Trivia

    Which Countries Have a Theocratic Government?

    Some of the countries with a theocratic government include Yemen, Vatican City, Sudan, and Mauritania.

    7 Countries With A Theocratic Government Today

    When Was the Iranian Revolution?

    Between 1978 and 1979, the Pahlavi Dynasty was overthrown and replaced by a new Islamic Republic of Iran. The revolution was mostly non-violent, although there were incidents of armed struggle.

    Iranian Revolution: Causes, Events, and Effects

    What Languages are Spoken in Iran?

    Persian is the official language of Iran and is spoken by over 50% of the country's population.

    What Languages Are Spoken in Iran?

    What Are Some Native Plants Of Iran?

    Zagros Field Elm, Persian Ironwood, Velvet Maple, Schrenck's Tulip, Miss Willmott's Ghost, Fall Daffodil, etc., are some native plants of Iran.

    Native Plant Species Of Iran

    What type of economy does Iran have?

    ran has a mixed transitional economy that is dominated by gas and oil production industries.

    The Economy of Iran

    What Continent is Iran In?

    Although considered to be part of the Middle East, Iran is located in the western portion of the continent of Asia.

    What Continent is Iran In?

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