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Hong Kong History Timeline


  • (2001) Main figure in Hong Kong administration, who opposed Chinese interference, Deputy Chief Executive Anson Chan, resigned under pressure from Beijing, replaced by Donald Taang
  • (2002) Proposals for controversial anti-subversion law, Article 23, released by administration
  • (2003) SARS virus struck, quarantines enforced
  • (2003) 500,000 people took place in march against Article 23, two Hong Kong government officials resigned, bill was shelved
  • (2004) China ruled that it must approve any changes to Hong Kong's elections laws
  • (2004) Demonstration protesting Beijing's ruling against electing new chief executive by universal suffrage took place on Hong Kong's seventh anniversary of the handover
  • (2004) Britain accused China of interfering in Hong Kong's constitutional reform process
  • (2005) Tung Chee Hwa resigned due to failing health, succeeded by Donald Tsang
  • (2005) Mr. Tsang offered plan for limited constitutional reforms, which would have changed the electoral process without including universal suffrage, but was blocked by pro-democracy legislators
  • (2005) Hong Kong Disneyland opened
  • (2006) Tens of thousands of people rallied in support of democracy
  • (2007) New rules put in place limiting number of pregnant women who came to Hong Kong from mainland China to give birth in order to avoid China's one-child policy
  • (2007) Donald Tsang won elections, appointed to five-year term
  • (2007) 10th anniversary of Hong Kong's handover to China, new government sworn in, plans for democracy introduced
  • (2007) Beijing announced people of Hong Kong would be able to directly elect own leader in 2017, legislators by 2020
  • (2009) Proposals for political reform for greater democracy were introduced, critics said the moves were not enough
  • (2009) 300 people at a Hong Kong hotel placed under quarantine after guest was confirmed having swine flu
  • (2011) Anti-budget demonstration held in Hong Kong due to dissatisfaction with the government's management of finances
  • (2011) Fire broke out in Fa Yuen Street, a densely populated area, nine killed, many injured
  • (2011) More than 17,000 chickens were removed after carcasses tested positive for avian flu
  • (2012) Protests lasting several days occurred after citizens were prevented from taking pictures of Dolce & Gabbana window displays in stores
  • (2012) CY Leung elected new chief executive of Hong Kong
  • (2012) Thousands of people protested against Leung, alleged that Beijing propelled him to office
  • (2012) Customs officers made huge cocaine bust, seized 1,430 pounds worth $98 million in shipping container from Ecuador, three arrested
  • (2012) Two rich tycoons and former senior official from Hong Kong were charged with corruption in graft banking scandal
  • (2013) Tens of thousands protested demanding Leung resign
  • (2013) 40-day labor strike was held by workers by Union of Hong Kong Dockers, demanded better pay and working conditions, strike ended when strikers received 9.8% pay raise
  • (2013) Officials quarantined 17 people after confirmation of deadly H7N9 bird flu
  • (2014) Around 20,000 chickens imported from mainland China were culled after officials found H7N9 bird flu
  • (2014) Two newspaper journalists were attacked and beaten in broad daylight
  • (2014) Thousands marched through the streets voicing support of and denouncing violence against journalists

Hong Kong's Information

Flag of Hong Kong
Land Area 1,073 km2
Water Area 35 km2
Total Area 1,108km2
Population 7,167,403 (#100)
Population Density 6,679.78/km2
Government Type Presidential Limited Democracy; A Special Administrative Region Of The PRC
GDP (PPP) $427.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $58,100
Currency Dollar (HKD)
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