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Hong Kong

Hong Kong's Information

Flag of Hong Kong
Land Area 1,073 km2
Water Area 35 km2
Total Area 1,108km2
Population 7,167,403 (#100)
Population Density 6,679.78/km2
Government Type Presidential Limited Democracy; A Special Administrative Region Of The PRC
GDP (PPP) $427.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $58,100
Currency Dollar (HKD)
Largest Cities


  • About Hong Kong
  • Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
  • Census and Statistics Department
  • Chinese Dynasties
  • Chinese Language Guide
  • Convention and Exhibition Center
  • Cultural Customs
  • General Chamber of Commerce
  • Historical Timeline
  • Hong Kong 18 Districts
  • Hong Kong Monetary Authority
  • Hong Kong Stock Exchange
  • Opium Wars, 1839 - 1860
  • Port of Hong Kong
  • West Kowloon Cultural District

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    This page was last updated on November 29, 2017.

    Hong Kong Trivia

    Is Hong Kong Owned by China?

    Hong Kong is actually what is called a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China. By all official accounts, Hong Kong is a part of China.

    Is Hong Kong a Country?

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