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Famous Hong Kongers

People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.


  • Fung Chin Pang comic artist, illustrator
  • Kearen Pang cross-media creator
  • Basil Pao photographer
  • Eugene Pao musician
  • Jenny Pat television personality, visual artist
  • Peter Pau cinematographer
  • Pan Pey-chyou politician
  • Chung-Kwong Poon chemist, educator
  • Yau Lop Poon journalist, editor-in-chief
  • Cheang Pou-soi film director, screenwriter, script supervisor
  • Anjali Rao television anchor, journalist
  • Robert Ribeiro jurist
  • Wen Shaoxian writer
  • George She social activist
  • Lee Sheung-ching actor, playwright
  • Josephine Siao actress, writer, psychologist
  • Tony Leung Siu-Hung movie choreographer, stuntman, actor
  • Lau Siu Kai sociologist
  • Tsui Siu-Ming screenwriter, film producer, choreographer
  • John Chun Sai So lord mayor of Melbourne, Australia
  • Louisa So actress
  • William So actor, singer
  • Joseph Sung educator, writer
  • Sir John Joseph Swaine attorney, former governor
  • Alan Tam singer, actor
  • Albert Tam writer
  • Sir David Tang founder Shanghai Tang fashion chain
  • Patrick Lau Hing Tat urban designer
  • Lee Tim-shing television producer, director
  • Andrew To activist
  • Johnnie To film director, producer
  • Raymond To dramatist, screenwriter, film director
  • Ronny Tong politician
  • Timothy W. Tong educator, mechanical engineer, author
  • Andy Tsang police commissioner
  • Eric Tsang film director, producer, television host
  • Chip Tsao columnist, broadcaster, writer
  • Brian Tse author children comic series
  • Christopher Tsui thoroughbred racehorse owner
  • Szeto Wah politician
  • Chong Wai-kin television producer, director
  • Ho Wai-On composer
  • Juncheng Wei mathematician
  • Yip Sai Wing singer, songwriter
  • Gigi Leung Wing-kei singer, actress
  • Ma Wing-shing illustrator, writer, publisher
  • Lee Wing-tat politician
  • Chan Wing-wah conductor, composer
  • Arthur Wong cinematographer, screenwriter
  • Ivana Wong singer, songwriter
  • Manfred Wong radio personality, writer, film producer
  • Paul Wong singer, songwriter
  • Raymond Wong film score composer
  • Raymond Wong politician, author, radio host
  • Lau Wong-fat politician
  • Annie Wu activist, entrepreneur
  • Xiaomingxiong gay rights activist, author
  • Xu Xi writer
Y - Z
  • Joseph Yam statistician, economist
  • Chao Yat comics artist
  • Derek Yee film director, screenwriter
  • Lam Sheung Yee actor
  • Michelle Yim actress
  • Wilson Yip filmmaker, screenwriter
  • Raymond Yiu composer, conductor, pianist
  • Man-Ching Yu composer
  • Winnie Yu radio personality
  • Shawn Yue actor, singer
  • Corey Yuen film director, producer, action choreographer
  • Kan Yuet-keung banker, lawyer
  • Wong Yuk-long artist, publisher
  • Joey Yung singer, actress
  • Terence Yung pianist
  • Huang Zuqiang (Huang Yi) writer
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Hong Kong's Information

Flag of Hong Kong
Land Area 1,073 km2
Water Area 35 km2
Total Area 1,108km2
Population 7,167,403 (#100)
Population Density 6,679.78/km2
Government Type Presidential Limited Democracy; A Special Administrative Region Of The PRC
GDP (PPP) $427.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $58,100
Currency Dollar (HKD)
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