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China History Timeline


  • (2000) China reached market-opening trade deal with European Union
  • (2000) Bomb explosion in Urumqi, Xinjiang killed 60
  • (2001) Five members of Falun Gong set themselves on fire to protest unfair treatment of Falun Gong by government
  • (2001) Mid-air collision over Hainan Island between U.S. Navy plane and People's Liberation Army Navy fighter jet resulted in international dispute between U.S. and China
  • (2001) Shanghai Cooperation Organization launched to fight ethnic, religious militancy and promote trade and investment
  • (2001) Uzbekistan joined Shanghai Five
  • (2001) China joined World Trade Organization
  • (2002) Hu Jintao named head of ruling Communist Party
  • (2003) Hu Jintao elected president
  • (2003) Hong Kong and China hit with SARS virus. Strict quarantine enforced
  • (2003) Filling of the reservoir behind the Three Gorges Dam began
  • (2003) China, India reached agreement over status of Tibet and Sikkim in cross-border trade agreement
  • (2003) 500,000 people marched in Hong Kong protesting Article 23, an anti-subversion bill, two Hong Kong government officials resigned, bill was shelved
  • (2003) China's first manned spacecraft launched with Astronaut Yank Liwei aboard
  • (2004) Chairman of the Central Military Commission, Jiang Zemin retired, three years ahead of schedule
  • (2004) Trade agreement with 10 southeast Asian countries could have potential of uniting 25% of world's population in free-trade zone
  • (2005) Anti-Secession Law enacted formalizing policy of using "non-peaceful means" against Taiwan's independence movement
  • (2005) Relations with Japan deteriorated due to Japanese textbook that said China glossed over Japan's World War II record
  • (2005) Lien Chan, Taiwan's National Party leader, visited China for first meeting between Nationalist and Communist Party leaders since 1949
  • (2005) Russia, China held first joint military exercises
  • (2005) Second manned space flight with two astronauts circled Earth
  • (2005) Water supplies to millions of people cut off after explosion at chemical plant poisoned Songhua River
  • (2006) Three Gorges Dam, world's largest hydropower project, completed
  • (2006) China Tibet Railway Line, world's highest train route, began operations
  • (2006) China-Africa summit held in Beijing with African heads of state, China promised billions of dollars in loans and credits
  • (2006) Government announced China's environment has been reduced to a critical level, due to pollution
  • (2007) In Chinese Slave Scandal, thousands of Chinese people, including children, had been forced to work as slaves in illegal brickyards
  • (2007) Food and Drug Agency chief, Zheng Xiaoyu, executed for corruption and possible tainted products
  • (2008) Worst winter storms in half a century caused extensive damages, transportation disruption, 129 deaths
  • (2008) Tens of thousands killed by massive earthquake in Sichuan province
  • (2008) 2008 Summer Olympics held in Beijing
  • (2008) China, Russia signed treaty ending 40-year-old border dispute
  • (2008) Milk and infant formula found adulterated with melamine
2000s continued
  • (2008) Government announced $586 billion stimulus package due to global financial crisis and effect on China
  • (2009) Protests in Xinjiang region turned violent, many killed, hundreds injured
  • (2009) Officials in Shanghai encouraged parents to have second child to combat effect of aging population
  • (2010) China posted increase in exports, overtook Germany as world's largest exporter
  • (2010) Google ended compliance with China's internet censorship, redirected searches to Hong Kong
  • (2010) Japan arrested Chinese trawler in disputed East China Sea, diplomatic row erupted
  • (2010) Japan freed trawler crew, rejected China's demand for an apology
  • (2010) Jailed dissident, Liu Xiaobo, awarded Nobel Peace Prize. Beijing lodged official protests
  • (2011) China overtook Japan to become world's second-largest economy
  • (2011) Police killed seven Ulghurs suspect of initiating attacks in Horan and Kashgar
  • (2012) For the first time, city residents outnumbered rural population
  • (2012) Imports and exports dipped
  • (2012) Bo Xilai, Chongqing Communist Party leader, dismissed in country's largest political scandal in years. His wife placed under investigation for death of British businessman, Neil Heywood
  • (2012) China upped limit for yuan currency to 1% instead of 0.5% against U.S. dollar
  • (2012) Blind activist, Chen Guangcheng, fled house arrest in Shandong and into protection of U.S. diplomats
  • (2012) China agreed to allow Chen Guangcheng to study in U.S.
  • (2013) A severe earthquake struck southwest China's Sichuan Province on April 21, killing nearly 200 people and injuring more than 12,000
  • (2013) Leaders announced plans to relax one-child policy and the abolition of re-education through labor camps
  • (2013) New Air Defense Identification Zone was established over an area of the East China Sea. Japan and South Korea protested the move
  • (2013) Robotic rover, Yutu, landed on surface of the moon
  • (2014) Assailants with knives killed 29 people, wounded over 130 in train station in Unnan province, separatists from Xinjian were blamed for attack

China's Information

Flag of China
Land Area 9,326,410 km2
Water Area 270,550 km2
Total Area 9,596,960km2 (#4)
Population 1,373,541,278 (#1)
Population Density 147.27/km2
Government Type Communist State
GDP (PPP) $21,100.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $14,600
Currency Yuan Renminbi (CNY)
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Region Capital
Anhui Hefei
Beijing Beijing
Chongqing Chongqing
Fujian Fuzhou
Gansu Lanzhou
Guangdong Guangzhou
Guangxi Nanning
Guizhou Guiyang
Hainan Haikou
Hebei Shijiazhuang
Heilongjiang Harbin
Henan Zhengzhou
Hubei Wuhan
Hunan Changsha
Inner Mongolia Hohhot
Jiangsu Nanjing
Jiangxi Nanchang
Jilin Changchun
Liaoning Shenyang
Ningxia Yinchuan
Qinghai Xining
Shaanxi Xi'an
Shandong Jinan
Shanghai Shanghai
Shanxi Taiyuan
Sichuan Chengdu
Tianjin Tianjin
Xinjiang Urumqi
Xizang (Tibet Autonomous Region) Lhasa
Yunnan Kunming
Zhejiang Hangzhou

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