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Travel to Tunisia

Tunisia's Information

Flag of Tunisia
Land Area 155,360 km2
Water Area 8,250 km2
Total Area 163,610km2 (#91)
Population 11,134,588 (#79)
Population Density 71.67/km2
Government Type Parliamentary Republic
GDP (PPP) $131.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $11,700
Currency Dinar (TND)
Largest Cities
ATTRACTIONS: (a few major)

With over 1200 kilometers of coastline along the Mediterranean Sea, Tunisia is home to seemingly endless sandy beaches, and in the view of many travelers - perfect vacation weather.

Seaside resorts and towns offer a wide range of waterfront hotels, and activities like boating, fishing, sailing, scuba diving and windsurfing.

Tunis city center is a World Heritage 7th century old town of narrow streets and nail-studded doors. Additional features include a large street market (souk), stylish french architecture and the Bardo Museum.

Sousse is a very attractive seaside town with a large fort, mosque, massive city walls and an excellent museum specializing in 3rd century mosaics.

Douz, the gateway to the Sahara Desert, offer travelers a colorful market, camel riding and sand dune trekking. Note it's nearly a nine hour bus ride from Tunis to Douz.

Tunisia has a wealth of ancient history to discover. In addition to the well-known Roman ruins at Carthage (near Tunis), there's a wonderful collection of well-preserved Roman ruins near Dougga, just over 100 kilometers west of Tunis.

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This page was last updated on April 7, 2017.

Tunisia Trivia

Who is the prime minister of Tunisia?

Youssef Chahed is the prime minister of Tunisia.

Prime Ministers Of Tunisia Since 1969

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