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Famous Mozambicans

Mozambique's Information

Flag of Mozambique
Land Area 786,380 km2
Water Area 13,000 km2
Total Area 799,380km2 (#34)
Population 25,930,150 (#49)
Population Density 32.97/km2
Government Type Presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $35.01 Billion
GDP Per Capita $1,200
Currency Meticail (MZN)
Largest Cities
People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.
  • Yohanna Barnaba Abdallah clergyman, writer, historian
  • Alcinda Abreu politician
  • Jose Ibraimo Abudo politician
  • Aires Ali former prime minister
  • Mario Azevedo novelist, historian, professor, epidemiologist
  • Gito Baloi musician, singer
  • Oldemiro Baloi politician
  • Lionel Bastos singer, songwriter, music producer
  • Humberto Carlos "Wazimbo" Benifica singer
  • Esperanca Bias politician
  • Malu Braga actress
  • Lidia Brito forestry expert, engineer, researcher
  • Calos Cardoso journalist
  • Julio Eduardo Zamith Carrilho politician
  • Suleiman Cassamo writer
  • Francisco Chimoio archbishop
  • Alberto Chipande politician
  • Alberto Chissano sculptor
  • Joaquim Chissano former president, former prime minister
  • Paulina Chiziane writer
  • Moreira Chonguica musician, songwriter, producer
  • Mia Couto writer
  • Jose Craveirinha poet
D - G
  • Tobias Joaquim Dai politician
  • Afonso Dhlakama politician
  • Luisa Diogo former prime minister, economist
  • Maria Angelina Dique Enoque politician
  • Eusebio da Silva Ferreira football player
  • Armando Guebuza president
H - L
  • Luis Bernardo Honwana author
  • Teodato Hunguana lawyer, politician
  • Lizha James musician
  • Elisa Domingas "Mingas" Jamisse singer
  • Ungulani Ba Ka Khosa writer
  • Rui Knopfli writer
  • Maria Benvida Levy politician, jurist
  • Mabulu music group
  • Clarisse Machanguana basketball player
  • Esperanca Machavela jurist, politician
  • Grace Machel politician, humanitarian, former first lady
  • Samora Machel former president
  • Mario da Graca Machungo former prime minister
  • Lucas Macie painter
  • Lina Magaia writer, journalist, independence war veteran
  • Helder Francisco Malauene politician
  • Rogerio Manjate actor, author, filmmaker
  • Luis de Matos magician
  • Mariano de Araujo Matsinhe politician
  • Orlando Mendes biologist, writer
  • Pascoal Mocumbi aka Muhykete former prime minister
  • Lilia Momple writer
  • Aldino Muianga physician, writer
  • Antonio Munguambe politician
  • Maria Mutola Olympic medalist, track and field
  • Salvador Namburete politician
  • Macamo Veronica Nataniel politician
  • Neyma singer
  • Alcido Nguenha politician
  • Jeremias Nguenha musician
  • Malangatana Ngwenya painter, poet
  • Filipe Nhussi engineer, politician
  • Isabel Nkavadeka politician
P - R
  • Jose Condungua Pacheco politician
  • Luis Carlos Patraquim poet, playwright, journalist
  • Luis "Stewart Sukuma" Pereira singer
  • Fany Pfumo singer
  • Manuel Vieira Pinto prelate
  • Carlos Queirooz football manager
  • Ricardo Rangel photojournalist, photographer
  • Tomaz Salomao economist, politician
  • Alexandre Jose Maria dos Santos cardinal
  • Feliciano dos Santos musician, environmentalist
  • Marcelino dos Santos poet, revolutionary, statesman
  • Nelson Saute writer, professor
  • Manuel Aranda da Silva politician
  • Jose Da Silveira artist
  • Leonardo Simao politician
  • Afric Simone singer, musician, entertainer
  • Francisco Songane doctor, politician
  • Noemia de Sousa poet
T - Z
  • Hama Thai military official
  • Alberto Vaquina prime minister
  • Eduardo White writer
  • Paulo Zucula politician

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