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Famous Moroccans

Morocco's Information

Flag of Morocco
Land Area 446,300 km2
Water Area 250 km2
Total Area 446,550km2 (#57)
Population 33,655,786 (#39)
Population Density 75.41/km2
Government Type Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
GDP (PPP) $283.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $8,400
Currency Dirham (MAD)
More Information Morocco
Largest Cities
People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.


  • Abdelkader Aamara politician
  • Najat Aatabou singer, songwriter, composer
  • Mohammed Abbou politician
  • Bouchaib Abdelhadi singer, musician
  • Rhadi Ben Abdesselam Olympic medalist, long distance runner
  • Ahmed Aboutaleb politician, civil servant, journalist
  • Leila Abouzeid author
  • Abdelhak Achik Olympic medalist, boxer
  • Mohammed Achik Olympic medalist, boxer
  • Eli Aflalo politician
  • Jamal Aghmani politician
  • Latifa Akherbach politician, journalist
  • Abdallah ibn Al-Aftas military leader
  • Mohamed Saad Alami journalist, politician
  • Amina Alaoui musician
  • Isaac Alfasi rabbi
  • Rachid Ben Ali painter
  • Khalid Alioua politician
  • Mohammed Abed Al-Jabri critic, professor
  • Albert Almoznino artist, painter
  • Jo Amar singer
  • Najib Amhali comedian, actor
  • Said Aouita Olympic medalist, boxer
  • Robert Assaraf historian, writer
  • Bachir Attar musician
  • Henry Azra musician
  • Ahmed Bahnini former prime minister
  • Ahmed Balafej former prime minister
  • Mehdi Ben Barka politician
  • Rachid El Basir Olympic medalist, middle distance athlete
  • Driss Basri politician
  • Laarbi Batma musician
  • Ibn Battuta scholar, jurist, judge, explorer, geographer
  • Ryan Belhsen musician
  • Mohamed Benaissa politician
  • Abdelkader Benali writer, journalist
  • Shlomo Ben-Ami diplomat, politician, historian
  • Ahmed Benchemsi journalist
  • Hasna Benhassi Olympic medalist, middle distance athlete
  • Mohamed Benhima former prime minister
  • Abdelilah Benkirane prime minister
  • Ralph Benmergui television and radio personality, political advisor
  • Faouzi Bensaidi director, actor, screenwriter, artist
  • Mohammed Berrada novelist, literary critic, translator
  • Ahmed El Bidaoui singer, musician
  • Nezha Bidouane Olympic medalist, hurdler
  • Mahi Binebine painter, novelist
  • Isaac Bitton musician
  • Simone Bitton director, producer, writer
  • Bocchus I former king
  • Maati Bouabid former prime minister
  • Brahim Boutayeb Olympic medalist, runner
  • Abdelaziz Bouteflika president of Algeria

C - D

  • Ahmed Chami politician
  • Hicham Chami musician
  • Abdessadeq Cheqara singer
  • Moulay Ali Cherif former ruler
  • Mohammed Choukri author, novelist
  • Driss Debbagh ambassador
  • Jamel Debbouze actor
  • Danielle "Sapho" Ebguy singer
  • Alber Elbaz fashion designer
  • Andre Elbaz painter, filmmaker
  • Samy Elmaghribi musician
  • Gad Elmaleh entertainer, comedian
  • Sofia Essaidi singer, dancer, actress
  • Ali Ezzine Olympic medalist, athlete
  • Nadia Fares actress
  • Abd al-Rahman al-Fasi writer
  • Abbas El Fassi former prime minister
  • Halima Ferhat historian
  • Ismael Ferroukhi film director
  • Abdellatif Filali diplomat, former prime minister
  • Jaouad Gharib Olympic medalist, long distance runner
  • Kacem El Ghazzali blogger, activist
  • Mouad Gouzrou journalist
  • Hicham El Guerrouj Olympic medalist, runner
  • Mahmoud Guinia singer, musician
  • Samuel Hadida producer
  • Mohammed al-Haik poet, musician, author
  • Hakim singer
  • Hassan Hakmoun musician
  • Mohamed Hamri painter, author
  • Sanaa Hamri director
  • Hassan II former king
  • Abu Bakr al-Hassar mathematician, author
  • Shatha Hassoun singer, songwriter, dancer, musician, writer, actor
  • Bouchta El Hayani painter
  • Judah ben David Hayyuj linguist
  • Salah Hissou Olympic medalist, long distance runner

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