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Famous Malians

Mali's Information

Flag of Mali
Land Area 1,220,190 km2
Water Area 20,002 km2
Total Area 1,240,192km2 (#23)
Population 17,467,108 (#64)
Population Density 14.32/km2
Government Type Semi-presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $38.09 Billion
GDP Per Capita $2,300
Currency Franc (XOF)
Largest Cities
People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.


  • Janvier Sedonoude Abouta footballer
  • Abu Ishaq Ibrahim Al-Sahili architect
  • Amadu II ruler
  • Amadu III last ruler of Massina Empire
  • Seku Amadu ruler
  • Abdoulaye Ascofare poet, filmmaker
  • Ibrahima Aya writer, agronomist
  • Alioune Ba photographer
  • Amadou Hampate Ba writer, ethnologist
  • Issa Bagayogo musician
  • Mohammed Bagayogo scholar, philosopher
  • Amadou Bagayoko singer, musician
  • Fatoumata Bagayoko basketball player
  • Abu Bakr former mansa (emperor)
  • Abu Bakr II former mansa (emperor)
  • Sulayman Bal warrior, leader, Islamic scholar
  • Louis Marie Joseph Bastide judge, diplomat
  • Cheick Oumar Bathily footballer
  • Afel Bocoum singer, musician
  • Barema Bocoum politician, diplomat
  • Kadiatou Camara sprinter, long jumper
  • Ousmane Cisse basketball player
  • Souleymane Cisse film director, screenwriter
  • Soumaila Cisse politician
  • Brehima Coulibaly diplomat, ambassador
  • Ismael Coulibaly taekwondo practitioner
  • Koman Coulibaly football referee
  • Mohamed Coulibaly swimmer
  • Moussa "Elimane" Coulibaly footballer
  • Nagnouma Coulibaly basketball player
  • Soungalo Coulibaly drummer
  • Waly Coulibaly basketball player
  • Astan Dabo basketball player
  • Fanta Damba singer
  • Mah Damba singer
  • Jean-Charles Dei politician
  • Dramane Dembele engineer, politician
  • Habib Dembele actor
  • Mamadou Dembele physician, politician
  • Souleymane Dembele footballer
  • Abdoulaye Diabate singer, musician
  • Cheick Hamala Diabate musician
  • Keletigui Diabate musician
  • Mamadou Diabate musician
  • Mamadou Sidiki Diabate musician
  • Massa Makan Diabate historian, author, playwright
  • Toumani Diabate musician
  • Soueloum Diagho poet
  • Drissa Diakite footballer
  • Ramata "Rah" Diakite musician
  • Soumbeila Diakite footballer
  • Yoro Diakite former prime minister, military figure
  • Boucader Diallo footballer
  • Mamadou Diallo footballer
  • Sidibe Aminata Diallo academic, politician
  • Yaya Diallo musician, author
  • Alpha Mande Diarra author, veterinarian
  • Cheick Mobido Diarra astrophysicist, politician
  • Fatoumata Dembele Diarra lawyer, judge
  • Mariatou Diarra basketball player
  • Mari Diata II former mansa (emperor)
  • Daba Diawara politician
  • Diene Diawara basketball player
  • Fatoumata Diawara singer, musician
  • Lamine Diawara basketball player
  • Manthia Diawara writer, filmmaker, cultural theorist, art historian
  • Nare Diawara basketball player
  • Abdoulaye Diop ambassador
  • Mintou Doucoure footballer
  • Mariam Doumbia singer
  • Adama Drabo filmmaker, playwright
  • Tiebile Drame politician, diplomat, mediator
  • Rahmatou Drame hurdler
E - H
  • Doumbi Fakoly writer
  • Georges Fonghoro bishop
  • Gao former mansa (emperor)
  • Mohammed ibn Gao former mansa (emperor)
  • Brahima Guindo judoka
  • Housseini Amion Guindo politician
  • Mobido Tounty Guindo magistrate
  • Ahmed Mohamed ag Hamani former prime minister
  • Mamoudou Hanne sprinter
  • Mobido Mohammed Al Kaburi scholar, educator
  • Kadiatou Kanoute basketball player
  • Kassa former mansa (emperor)
  • Aoua Keita activist, writer, politician
  • Balla Moussa Keita actor, comedian, cinema pioneer
  • David Keita swimmer
  • Ibrahim Boubacar Keita former prime minister
  • Karounga Keita football official, coach
  • Mamani Keita musician, singer
  • Mariam Pauline Keita swimmer
  • Mobido Keita first president
  • Salif Keita singer, songwriter
  • Seydou Keita photographer
  • Sundiata Keita founder Mali Empire
  • Khalifa former mansa (emperor)

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Mali Trivia

What are the largest ethnic groups in Mali?

The Bambara are the largest ethnic group in the country making up about 36.5% of the total population in the country. Fulani makes up about 15% of the population and Sarakole 11%. Other ethnic groups include Senufo, Dogon, and Malinke.

Largest Ethnic Groups In Mali

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