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Famous Malawians

Malawi's Information

Flag of Malawi
Land Area 94,080 km2
Water Area 24,404 km2
Total Area 118,484km2 (#98)
Population 18,570,321 (#61)
Population Density 197.39/km2
Government Type Presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $21.20 Billion
GDP Per Capita $1,100
Currency Kwacha (MWK)
Largest Cities

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People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.

A - B

  • Lily Alfonso fashion designer
  • Patrick Allen actor
  • Peter Ayesu boxer
  • Aleke Banda politician
  • Chimunthu Banda politician
  • Hastings Kamuzu Banda former leader
  • Joyce Banda president
  • Lucius Banda musician, politician
  • Mabvuto Banda journalist
  • Tony Bird singer, songwriter
  • David Blair journalist
  • Peter Buchanan architect
  • Lucia Chandamale long-distance runner
  • Chakufwa Chihana former vice-president
  • Enoch Chihana politician
  • Catherine Chikwakwa politician, activist
  • John Chilembwe pastor, educator
  • Cassim Chilumpha former vice-president
  • Callista Chimombo former first lady
  • Steve Chimombo poet
  • Brown Chimphamba academic, civil servant, diplomat
  • Henry Masauko Blasius Chipembere nationalist
  • Kay Chiromo artist
  • Orton Chirwa lawyer, political leader
  • Vera Chirwa lawyer, civil rights activist
  • Du Chisiza playwright, director, actor
  • Kondwani Chiwina footballer
  • Han Choi swimmer
D - J
  • Nicholas Dausi politician
  • Loti Dzonzi police inspector general
  • Robert Fumulani musician
  • Aaron Gadama politician
  • Goodall Edward Gondwe economist, politician
  • Gregory Gondwe journalist, editor, media consultant
  • Tapiwa Gwaza actress
  • Focus Gwede head of police force special branch
  • Rafiq Hajat civil rights activist
  • Catherine Gotani Hara politician
  • Ralph Jooma politician
K - L
  • Onesimo Makani Kabweza journalist
  • Jessie Kabwila-Kapasula academic, feminist, educator, activist
  • Khumbo Kachali vice-president
  • Reen Kachere politician
  • Percy Kachipande civil servant, diplomat
  • William Kamkwamba inventor, author
  • Samuel Kaphuka politician
  • Ralph Kasambara activist, human rights lawyer, attorney general
  • Billy Kaunda musician, politician
  • Stanley Onjezani Kenani poet
  • Fisher Kondowe footballer
  • Moses Kunkuyu politician
  • John Lwanda physician, researcher, publisher
  • Patrick Mabedi footballer
  • M'tendere Makalamba boxer
  • Evance Malenga boxer
  • Justin Malewezi former vice-president
  • Malia singer
  • Joe Manduwa politician
  • Jack Mapanje poet, writer
  • Maskal singer
  • Chauncy Master runner
  • Evison Matafale musician
  • Dick Matenje politician
  • Margaret Mauwa politician
  • Cuthy Mede artist
  • Bazuka Mhango lawyer, educator, politician
  • Steven Smith Mijiga postmaster general
  • Donton Samuel Mkandawire politician, educator, diplomat
  • Tamika Mkandawire footballer
  • John Elson Mkangala boxer
  • Maxwell Mkwezalamba politician, economist
  • Henry Moyo long-distance runner
  • Samuel Mpasu politician, author, diplomat
  • Lyton Mphande boxer
  • Peter Mponda footballer
  • Anastasia Msosa chief justice
  • Chimango Mughogho politician
  • Peter Mukhito police inspector general
  • Annie Chidzira Muluzi former first lady
  • Bakili Muluzi former president
  • Patricia Shanil Muluzi former first lady
  • Levi Zililo Mumba politician
  • Mwiza Munthali activist
  • Bingu wa Mutharika former president
  • Ethel Mutharika former first lady
  • Peter Mutharika politician, author, educator, lawyer
  • Cornelius Mwalwanda development economist, politician
  • Joseph Mwanyungwa judge
  • Peter Mwanza politician
  • John Mwathiwa long-distance runner
  • Kondwani Nakhumwa politician
  • Kingsely Namakhwa politician
  • Alan Namoko musician
  • Hawa Ndilowe politician
  • Robert Ng'ambi footballer
  • Fraser Nihorya politician
  • Hetherwick Ntaha doctor, politician
  • Charlton Nyirenda swimmer
  • James Mbowe Nyondo lawyer
O - P
  • Anjimile Oponyo development worker, education administrator
  • Desmond Dudwa Phiri author, economist, historian, playwright
  • Henry Dama Phoya attorney general
  • Nasrin Pillane politician
  • Zahra Pinto swimmer
  • Twaibu Sangala politician
  • Jibu Sani sculptor
  • Michael-Fredrick Paul Sauka composer of national anthem
  • Mary Shawa politician
  • Boston Simbeye boxer
  • Ambwene Simukonda sprinter
  • Harvey Sindima theologian, philosopher, professor, author
  • Joyce Tafatatha swimmer
  • Mike Tebulo long-distance runner
  • John Tembo politician
  • Raphael Tenthani journalist
  • Drake Thadzi boxer
  • Kenneth Thindwa pharmacist
  • Harry Thompson politician
  • Theo Thomson musician, songwriter, record label owner
  • Tigris singer
U - Z
  • Michael Usi actor, playwright, musician
  • Yona Walesi swimmer
  • Seodi White anthropologist, social development lawyer, women's rights activist
  • Angela Zachepa accountant, politician

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