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Famous Libyans

Libya's Information

Flag of Libya
Land Area 1,759,540 km2
Total Area 1,759,540km2 (#16)
Population 6,541,948 (#106)
Population Density 3.72/km2
Government Type In Transition
GDP (PPP) $90.89 Billion
GDP Per Capita $14,200
Currency Dinar (LYD)
Largest Cities
People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.


  • Ayman El Aatar singer
  • Samir Aboud footballer
  • Mahmud Abudaber cinematographer, director, producer
  • Yahya Alabdallah director, writer, producer
  • Ibn al-Ajdabi scholar, linguist
  • Abdul Qadir al-Badri former prime minister
  • Abdul Hamid al-Bakkoush former prime minister
  • Sulaiman al-Barouni resistance leader
  • Mansour Al Borki footballer
  • Wahbi al-Bouri politician, diplomat, writer, translator (born in Egypt)
  • Ehab Al Bousefi footballer
  • Abdul Salam al-Buseiri politician
  • Daif Abdul-kareem Al-Ghazal journalist
  • Kais al-Hilali political cartoonist
  • Nadia Ali singer, songwriter
  • Mahmud Sulayman al-Maghribi former prime minister
  • Muhammad Ahmad al-Mangoush former prime minister
  • Ahmed Rafiq Almhadoui poet
  • Razan Naiem Almoghrabi writer
  • Omar al-Mukhtar national hero, resistance leader
  • Mahmud al-Muntasir former prime minister
  • Umar Mustafa al-Muntasir former prime minister
  • Omar al-Muntasser politician
  • Abdul Ati al-Obeidi former prime minister
  • Wanis al-Qaddafi former prime minister
  • Abdul Majid al-Qa'ud politician
  • Saddeka Arebi author, anthropologist
  • Sayyid Hassan ar-Rida crown prince
  • Bazil Ashmawy actor
  • Ahmed Sharif as-Senussi chief of Senussi Muslim order
  • Hasan as-Senussi crown prince
  • Judallah Azzuz at-Talhi former prime minister
  • Akram Ayyad footballer
  • Zentani Muhammad az-Zentani former head of state
B - D
  • Silvio Bandinelli director, writer, producer
  • Battaros legendary king
  • Farhat Bengdara politician, banker
  • Franco Califano actor, composer
  • Don Coscarelli film director, producer, screenwriter
  • Omar Daoud footballer
  • Mario Donatone actor
  • Abuzed Omar Dorda former prime minister
  • Ehtuish Ehtuish surgeon, professor, politician
  • Abdurrahim El-Keib former interim prime minister
  • Nasser el-Mizdawi singer, songwriter, guitarist, composer
  • Fatima el-Sharif Queen consort of King Idris I
  • Eratosthenes mathematician, geographer, astronomer
  • Ali Omar Ermes artist, writer, activist
F - G
  • Ahmed Fakroun singer, songwriter
  • Queen Fatima queen
  • Mohieddin Fikini former prime minister
  • Al-Saadi Gaddafi footballer
  • Muammar Gadaffi revolutionary leader, politician
  • Sharif El Gariani religious sheik, statesman
  • Shukri Ghanem former prime minister
  • Meftah Ghazalla footballer
H - I
  • Robert Haggiag producer
  • Mustafa Ben Halim former prime minister
  • Osama Al Hamady footballer
  • Khaled Hussein footballer
  • Idris I of Libya king, chief of Senussi Muslim order
  • Mustafa Abdul Jalil resistance leader, politician
  • Abdessalam Jalloud former prime minister
  • Mahmoud Jibril former interim prime minister
  • Richard Journo producer, director


  • Abdesalam Kames footballer
  • Nader Kara footballer
  • Yusuf Karamanli former Pasha (ruler)
  • Abdusalam Khames footballer
  • Abdul Majid Kubar former prime minister
L - M
  • Muhammad Layas politician, investment banker
  • Kamel Maghur lawyer, writer
  • Baghdadi Mahmudi former prime minister
  • Ahmed Faraj El Masli footballer
  • Hussein Maziq former prime minister
  • Waled Mhadeb footballer
  • Hala Misrati television anchor, journalist
  • Rabe Al Msellati footballer
  • Umar Muhayshi army officer
  • Jehad Muntasser footballer
N - R
  • Mohammed Nabbous journalist
  • Sadeq Naihoum journalist, writer
  • Arafa Nakuaa footballer
  • Suleiman Ali Nashnush actor, basketball player
  • Michael Orean marathon runner
  • Walid Ali Osman footballer
  • Herbert Pagani actor
  • Mariu Pascoli actress
  • Rossana Podesta actress
  • Ali Rahuma footballer
  • Muhammad az-Zaruq Rajab former prime minister
  • Marei Al Ramly footballer
  • Salem Ibrahim Al Rewani footballer
  • Muhammad Osman Said former prime minister
  • Muhammad Sakizli former prime minister
  • Mario Schifano director, actor
  • Maurizio Seimandi actor
  • Mohammed El Senussi crown prince
  • Sayyid Ahmed Sharif es Senussi resistance leader, chief of Senussi order
  • Septimius Severus former Roman emperor
  • Hesham Shaban footballer
  • Hamid El Shaeri singer, composer, producer
  • Mohmoud Maklouf Shafter footballer
  • Abdel Rahman Shalgham politician
  • Imbarek Shamekh former prime minister
  • Mohammed Shegewi educator
  • Omar Faiek Shennib politician
  • Younes Al Shibani footballer
  • Shoshenq I former king of Egypt
  • Naji Shushan footballer
  • Abdulnaser Slil footballer
  • Leslie Stewart writer, director
T - Z
  • Tarik El Taib footballer
  • Ali Tarhouni economist, former acting prime minister
  • Reda Al Tawrghe footballer
  • Fathi Terbil lawyer, human rights activist
  • Kalifa Tillisi historian, translator, linguist
  • Vittorio Veltroni writer
  • Ali Zeidan prime minister
  • Mohamed Zubya footballer
  • Ahmed Mahmoud Zuway "Kabila" footballer

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