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Lesotho's Information

Flag of Lesotho
Land Area 30,355 km2
Total Area 30,355km2 (#137)
Population 1,953,070 (#149)
Population Density 64.34/km2
Government Type Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
GDP (PPP) $6.02 Billion
GDP Per Capita $3,100
Currency Loti (LSL)
More Information Lesotho
Largest Cities
People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.

B - C

  • Evaristus Thatho Bitsoane bishop
  • Mosotho Chakela musician
J - K
  • Leabua Jonathan former prime minister
  • Sam Ketsekile footballer
  • Jobo Khatoane long-distance runner
  • Paul Khoarai bishop
  • Clement Lebopo marathon runner
  • Mosito Lehata athlete
  • Lesao Lehohla deputy prime minister
  • Justin Lekhanya former prime minister
  • Tsepo Lekhoana footballer
  • Molefe Lekoekoe footballer
  • Nkau Lerotholi footballer
  • Moli Lesesa footballer
  • Letsie III king of Lesotho
  • Thabiso Maile footballer
  • Tsotang Maine long-distance runner
  • Neo Makama footballer
  • Morena Letapata Makhaola politician
  • Queen Mamohato former regent head of state
  • Kelebone Maope politician
  • Mokone Marabe footballer
  • Mpitsa Marai footballer
  • Kellelo Justina Masafo-Guni judge
  • Motlatsi Maseela footballer
  • Sekhonyana Nehemia Maseribane former prime minister
  • Thabo Masualle footballer
  • Mochini Matete footballer
  • Mokheti Matsora footballer
  • Lineo Mochesane taekwondo athlete
  • Thomas Mofolo author
  • Motheo Mohapi footballer
  • Ralekoti Mokhahlane footballer
  • Ntsu Mokhehle former prime minister
  • Thapelo Mokhele footballer
  • Lefa Joseph Mokotjo ambassador
  • Katleho Moleko footballer
  • Monyane Moleleki politician
  • Bushi Moletsane footballer
  • Reitumetse Moloisane footballer
  • A.S. Mopeli-Paulus author
  • Thabiso Moqhali marathon runner
  • Tsoloane Mosakeng footballer
  • Moshoeshoe I former paramount chief
  • Moshoeshoe II former king
  • Pakalitha Mosisili former prime minister
  • Moses Mosuhli marathon runner
  • Sidwell Mothea footballer
  • Bokang Mothoana footballer
  • Motlalepula footballer
  • Ntlhoi Motsamai politician
  • Tatolo Mphuthing footballer
  • Sello Muso footballer
  • Emanuel Thabiso Nketu boxer
  • Lengana Nkhethoa footballer
  • Thabo Ntlakana politician
  • Mohapi Ntobo footballer
  • Moitheri Ntobo footballer
  • Teele Nts'onyana footballer
  • Nyakhane Nyakhane footballer
  • Makase Nyaphisi ambassador
P - R
  • Lire Phiri footballer
  • Hae Phoofolo former interim prime minister
  • Refiloe Potse footballer
  • Khauhelo Deborah Raditapole politician
  • Elias Phisoana Ramaema former chairman of the military council
  • Taeli Ramashalane footballer
  • Tsepo Ramonene long-distance runner
  • Thabane Rankara footballer
  • Sankomota music group
  • Seeiso former paramount chief
  • Lerotholi Seeiso prince
  • Senate Seeiso princess
  • Lehlohonolo Seema footballer
  • Pontso Sekatle politician, academic
  • Mahali Selepe singer, songwriter
  • Mots'eoa Senyane politician
  • Khoto Sesinyi footballer
  • Dj Spele composer, songwriter, record producer
  • Thapelo Tale footballer
  • Tom Thabane prime minister
  • Masempe Theko swimmer
  • Mamorallo Tjoka long-distance runner
  • Mohlabi Tsekoa politician
  • Lekunutu Tseounyane footballer

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This page was last updated on April 7, 2017.

Lesotho Trivia

What is the Currency of Lesotho?

The official currency of Lesotho is the Lesotho loti.

What is the Currency of Lesotho?

What is the biggest city in Lesotho?

Maseru is the largest city in Lesotho and the capital of the country. The city has more than 200,000 people.

Biggest Cities In Lesotho

What Kind of Government Does Lesotho Have?

Lesotho is a parliamentary representative democratic constitutional monarchy.

What Type Of Government Does Lesotho Have?

What Languages Are Spoken In Lesotho?

English and Sesotho are the official languages of Lesotho. Sesotho is also the country’s national language. It is a Southern Bantu language that is spoken as a first language by over 90% of Lesotho’s population. Zulu, Phuthi, and Xhosa are some of the other languages spoken by small sections of the country’s population. Afrikaans is spoken by a section of immigrants in Lesotho.

Languages Of Lesotho

What is the Capital of Lesotho?

Maseru is the capital city of Lesotho, a country in southern part of the African continent.

What Is the Capital of Lesotho?

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