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Travel to Kenya

Kenya's Information

Flag of Kenya
Land Area 569,140 km2
Water Area 11,227 km2
Total Area 580,367km2 (#48)
Population 46,790,758 (#30)
Population Density 82.21/km2
Government Type Presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $153.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $3,400
Currency Shilling (KES)
Largest Cities

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ATTRACTIONS: (a few major)

Kenya's tourism industry is the second largest source of revenue within the country, and for good reason.

Travelers from around the world come here to enjoy fantastic photo safaris through its 19 national parks and numerous game preserves.

Definitely the most popular game reserve in Kenya is the Masai Mara. It borders the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. It's famous for the countless wildebeest that pass through beginning in July of each year.

In addition to wildebeest, lions, hippos, elephants, cheetahs, many other species of animals are easily seen in the Masai Mara.

Another great choice for travelers is Amboseli National Park, one of Kenya's most popular parks. Its views of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest peak, coupled with the variety of game to be found is hard to resist. The park's main wildlife attraction is its large herds of elephants.

Other major attractions In Kenya include the mosques at Mombasa; the renowned scenery of the Great Rift Valley; the coffee plantations at Thika and its beaches along the Indian Ocean.

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This page was last updated on April 7, 2017.

Kenya Trivia

What are the Biggest Ethnic Groups in Kenya?

Kikuyus are Kenya's largest ethnic group, comprising an estimated 22% of the population. The Luhya ethnic group makes up the second largest ethnic group in Kenya.

Largest Ethnic Groups In Kenya

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